Uncomfortable Discussions – Ways To Start Talking

Not every situation is easy to talk about. Especially when getting used to another culture and facing culture shock, we encounter so many different things that catch us off guard. Things we thought we knew about suddenly don’t make sense anymore. Some things are easy to talk about; while others are not so easy to […]

10 American English Idioms Used at Work

The below list highlights a small subset of idioms that could be used at workplaces in the USA.  Go Into Battle  Some may also say ‘This office is a battle zone.’ People use this when they are confronted with a new job, a series of familiar tasks that are overwhelming, or parts of a task […]

Meaning of “Sounds Good”

What does “sounds good” mean?   This is an idiom or a phrase. It cannot be taken literally. This is a typical phrase used in everyday conversations in the US (even casually, among friends and family). People use this phrase in response to something they agree with and that leaves them with a good feeling. […]

Small Talk Tips with US Americans

“Once I learned how to make small talk with my US clients, every interaction was more comfortable. I was at ease to bring up any doubts or questions I had with clients I was able to make more small talk with.” While small talk is important in many work cultures, especially when working in a […]

Tips for Moving to the USA

Submitted by Doron Talegaonkar   What are some ways I can adjust to my new life in the US a little easier?   Talk slow and clear English. Accent doesn’t matter but be precise when you talk about or present anything. While going to a downtown area of any city in the evenings make sure […]

Successful Cross-Cultural Coaching Clients

In today’s globalized, multicultural world, cross-cultural training is essential in helping us to understand and bridge mindsets to build diverse, respectful teams. If you have ever wondered what types of individuals excel at cross-cultural coaching or training, I have compiled a shortlist of four traits that we have noticed that align with successful cross-cultural coaching […]

Traffic and Road Rules in the USA

When moving to the US, getting a car and learning the traffic and road rules in the USA will be on top of your list. Unlike in other countries, living without a car is not an option for many as public transportation is not as accessible or popular in most areas. Therefore, getting your car […]

Around the Block or Around the World- Be True to You

“Around the block or around the world – be true to you” – this is the motto of my coaching. But, what does it mean exactly?   When we move to a new place- no matter how near or far- we will have to make adjustments to our lifestyle. Moving to another country is an […]

Five Things I Miss About America

I moved from the US to live in India for a second time in early 2011. A few months after moving to Kochi in the southwestern state of Kerala, like any expat, I started feeling homesick. Below I share a few things I missed about my country (and still do).My Family and Friends.  Believe it […]

How Do Indians Celebrate Diwali in the USA?

If you have colleagues from India in your office in the US, you may wonder, “How do Indians celebrate Diwali in the USA?”   While Indians living outside India say there is nothing like celebrating Diwali in India, Indians worldwide celebrate Diwali with fanfare regardless of where in the world they live!   Indians living […]

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