“At Your Earliest Convenience” Yay or Nay?

The use of “at your earliest convenience” is often used in professional emails in some business cultures. What type of response may you get while working with US Americans when using “at your earliest convenience?” Well, this phrase, while it can sound polite, is not specific, so it can also be read as “whenever I […]

Respond with Intention Instead of Reacting

Have you ever wished you had been able to respond with intention instead of reacting? We have all been there – it leaves you with a feeling of dis-ease hours later that you just kick yourself for and wish you had handled that interaction with more thoughtfulness. Sometimes working across cultures or as an expat […]

General US Holiday Calendar

Browse this general US holiday calendar to plan offshore project timelines or orient yourself to the US annual calendar as an expat in the USA. Links will direct you to information about each holiday on the Authentic Journeys blogs with small talk tips, dos and don’ts.   General US Holiday Calendar   January  1 – […]

How to Deal with an Egotistical Person

Quite frankly I strongly dislike the title “How to deal with an egotistical person,” but I know this is what people search for.   Also, this gives me a good opportunity to open this blog with why I don’t resonate with the wording as a good segue into the actual article. I have always abhorred […]

How to Rewrite Your Story

We all have stories. These stories shape our past, our NOW, and our future. When we are too attached to these stories, especially ones that don’t serve us or make us feel good, they can have residual effects over days, months, years or even decades.   So, is it possible to rewrite your story?   […]

We Liked the Flipped Classroom!

It was so exciting to hearing learners say, “We liked the flipped classroom!” I take a lot effort in intentionally designing the learning experiences so that participants spend more time learning from each other than learning from me. Listen to what the learners shared in addition to saying,”We liked the flipped clasroom.” Read more about […]

What is the Flipped Classroom?

As we wrap up programs, some participants talk about enjoying the flipped class experience. I’d like to take a little time to answer the question, “What is the flipped classroom – especially at Authentic Journeys?”   What is the Flipped Classroom? Traditional classrooms entail a “teacher” or in the corporate sense, a “trainer” delivering content. […]

Challenge Every Thought, Free Your Time & Mind

Challenge every thought. Every. Single. Thought. Are your thoughts true and can you turn them around?   Katie Byron’s life work “The Four Questions and Turn Around” talks to just this.   In a talk co-hosted by Wayne Dyer, she said, “We will be confused as long as we believe our own thoughts.” This struck […]

Building Effective Team Collaboration (Program Feedback)

I’m always so honored and blessed to be a part of someone’s life and career journey. In April of this year, we wrapped up a 10-week program with software professionals working on global teams from India. Listen to what they had to say about the program they attended- Business English Seminar.   Check out the […]

Cultural Differences Between India and the West

In today’s blog, published in 2022, I want to share a podcast where Hugo Messer (Founder of multiple companies) and I discussed cultural differences between India and the West in 2016. At the time of this podcast, Hugo hosted this under the banner of Bridge Global based in Kochi, India. I appreciate Hugo for giving […]

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