SEO Guide for Small Business

Want to learn more about the SEO guide for small business? Watch our webinar here.   Have you ever wondered what is SEO?      What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It helps increase the quality and quantity of organic traffic to a website through search results. In simple terms, SEO makes […]

Teach Kids to Code

With coding boot camps and certificate programs popping up all over the US, have you ever considered how young is too young to get your kids started with learning how to code?  We are here to address these concerns, plus many others about the importance of teaching children of all ages how to code. Did you […]

American Culture and Language Blogs with High SEO

Back in May, I posted the first blog on American culture and language blogs with high SEO. That blog has been a pretty popular blog, so I thought to create another blog on the same topic. First, I will highlight some blogs that were not highlighted in the previous post, then follow up with how […]

Team Bonding at ThinkPalm During Lockdown

Authentic Journeys has many memories working with ThinkPalm, one of the companies headquartered in Infopark. I was always excited to attend their team engagement events. I remember fondly attending a home cooking event where the entire office was broken into teams, and each team displayed home cooked food on their team table. As you go […]

Fun At Work During CoVid WFH Lockdown: Advenser

Though we aren’t physically meeting in an office, it IS still possible to have fun “at work” when working from home (WFH). Many of the companies Authentic Journeys has worked with or knows in India are making this happen through virtual group activities. In this FIRST post (Wooo-hoooo), I wanted to share a few virtual […]

3 Million/ 30 Lakh Hits! Thank you!

On February 6, 2020, this blog crossed the 3 million mark (30 lakhs)! Though we had posted about it on social media, it was not posted on the blog.. so here it is!!   Thank you for your support over the years to help us reach 3 Million – 30 Lakh Hits! Scroll down to […]

Authentic Journeys: Media Engagements

Jennifer Kumar (Managing Director of Authentic Journeys) and Authentic Journeys have been featured in various English and Malayalam media in Kerala (India). Click on the links to read the media interactions. Cannot Drive Cars Cloud Devcon Onam With an American Touch Malayali by Choice Cultured and Cosmopolitan An American in Kakkanad An Interview with Jennifer […]

Building Credibility with US Clients as an India-Based Business

Working with Americans is not necessarily the same as working with Canadians. Jennifer (of Authentic Journeys), standing with the Cabot Solutions Management Team (L to R): Venkata, Shamly, Venkatesh, Pradeep. “As I studied in Canada and had relationships with Canadians, I always wanted to work with Canadians. My impression of this market, though, was not […]

Tips to Work Effectively With Americans: Tips from ThinkPalm

Manoj KP, Director and CEO of ThinkPalm Technologies shares the top ten tips to work successfully with American clients and counterparts.  10 Tips to Work Effectively with US Americans Be clear – if you don’t understand, get clarity, summarize and assure you understand.  Vet all processes upfront   Don’t make assumptions  US counterparts expect transparency  […]

Achievements in Offshore Outsourcing – The QMiS Story

QMiS Systems, an offshore Mortgage Banking technology supported IT/ITeS company started in Kochi, India in February 2013. Growing from a few key people in 2013 to over 40 today (February 2016), the India heads Brito George and Boby Thomas are looking forward to the future and the growth of their operations.    Learn More about […]

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