Labor Day Small Talk: Dos and Don’ts With US Counterparts

Where as most countries in the world commemorate Labour Day (UK Spelling) on May 1, we, in the US commemorate the day on the first Monday of September (In 2019, the date will be Sept. 2). While this day is not really used to historically commemorate the true meaning of the day anymore, many in […]

What NOT to Say on Sales Calls

“What words or phrases should we avoid saying with Americans?”  “What should we say instead?” These are common questions professionals in India ask me that are working with Americans. In this post, I will share some dos and don’ts when it comes to what to avoid saying and what to say instead. Note, the phrases […]

A Cross-Cultural Approach to Learning and Teaching: US & India Comparative Study

“What does Freedom mean to you?” Going for field work in Chennai as part of my Master’s in Social Work program. This was the first topic I was asked to weigh in on during the first few hours of studying at Madras Christian College. As the only American and foreigner in a class of South […]

Preferring Start Ups in India over the Big 10 IT Service Providers

Anyone who has heard anything about the Indian IT outsourcing world has heard of the big 10 IT outsourcers which include high stakes players such as Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Accenture, Wipro, Cognizant, and Infosys. A recent Business Standard article, Indian IT firms face uphill task for new contracts up for rebid, also reflected on […]

4 Tips to Build Your US Client Base (For Companies in India)

“Americans are more willing to take risks, more open to new ideas and may be willing to spend more money than in other markets.” Said by a CEO of a startup company in India, these are some of the reasons Indians prefer to do business with Americans over Canadians and even Europeans. Let’s take a […]

40+ Sentences Translated From Indian to American English

All Englishes are not the same! In some U.S. culture and business English training programs, we look at different uses of English terms between the U.S. and India. While the sentence examples in this post were written by participants of our training programs in India, American team members can surely refer to these sentences to […]

Fun Things To Do on America’s Independence Day

Many newcomers to the US wonder what kind of fun activities there are to do to celebrate or commemorate Independence Day (July 4th). Actually, while the list is long and endless, I’d like to share a few things you can consider doing during the 4th of July holidays in the US.  Events and Fun Things to Do […]

What do Americans Think When Someone is Late to Meetings?

Being late to virtual meetings with U.S. clients or colleagues can mark the beginning of the end for many cross-border client building relationships.   But what does it mean to actually be late with Americans?  15 minutes late can equal a missed opportunity or a lost client. Let’s say a meeting starts at 11am – […]

We Delivered On-Time to the Americans: They Did Not Seem Happy- Why?

“When the American client asks me why I did something out of order, I feel they don’t trust our expertise!??!”   This has been mentioned in exasperated tones by many Indians in offshore teams that Authentic Journeys has worked with. While many cross-cultural business experts ascertain Americans would care more about getting the job done […]

How to Know Before You Go [Onsite]

Everyone who works with U.S. clients in distributed teams wants at least one chance to go to the U.S.   Though this seems like a strange question, do you know that if you go onsite, you will have to talk to Americans? Companies spend big bucks to sponsor visas, travel, housing, food and living expenses […]

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