13 Indian English Words that Have a Different Meaning in American English

Do you work on a global team with team members in the U.S. and India? This post may provide a little context to a few common Indian English words that are used differently in American English. Let’s take a look….   The Lucky 13 List of American & Indian English Words With Translations Pay Hike […]

Conversation Starters for Labor Day in the USA

According to Wikipedia, Labor Day is a public holiday or day of festivities held in honor of working people, in the US and Canada on the first Monday in September, in many other countries on May 1. If you are wondering why Labor Day is important to your North Americans and what to talk about […]

Where to Live When Moving to India

If you are a foreigner relocating to India or coming to India temporarily as an expat professional, you will need to find a place to live. A few options are guest houses, homestays, PGs, service apartments, hotels, staff quarters, independent houses, and others. After reviewing all the types of housing, do take a look at […]

My US Client is My Friend, Do I Still Say ‘Excuse Me’?

Yes. But, don’t stop reading here.  While learning about group discussion etiquette and mannerisms with American colleagues, many Indians ask me, “Do I have to still be so formal even if the American client and I become casual or friendly? Do you still say “I’m sorry” or “excuse me” if you interrupt your client or […]

3 Mistakes South Asians May Make With US Clients & Solutions

There are many types of Indians, just as there are so many types of Americans. True, right? But, there are certain characteristics that can communicate a lack of care or patience when interacting with Westerners, especially Americans that some Indians could take note of to improve cross-cultural team building skills with American teams. Interrupting  Interrupting […]

Moving to the U.S. – 8 Handy Tips

Submitted by Doron Talegaonkar   What are some ways I can adjust to my new life in the US a little easier?   Talk slow and clear English. Accent doesn’t matter but be precise when you talk about or present anything. While going to a downtown area of any city in the evenings make sure […]

How DST Impacts Indian Offshore Teams

If you work onsite in the US or an American working with Indians, this post will give a glimpse into how those in the subcontinent handle the time change.  What do Indians Think of DST?  Daylight Saving Time is not observed in India. Due to this, there is some confusion with Indians new to global […]

Expat in India – What is it like to live as a foreigner in India?

India, Where Anything, Everything and Nothing Can Disrupt Your Plans. By: Jennifer Kumar Originally published in 2015.  Village girls in a remote village in Tamil Nadu giggled at us and passed comments on how weak we city girls were as my classmate and I together carried one bucket of water back to our rural camp. […]

Role of Potluck Parties in the NRI and Expat Culture

Potluck parties are a common feature in the Non-Resident Indian (hereafter, NRI) culture in America. The ‘culture shock’ and learning curve of such parties has even been brought out in NRI novels such as ‘India Was One.’ When many NRIs land in the USA, they want to get together, socialize, and most importantly eat. These […]

Ordering at a Fast Food Restaurant in the US

“I did not order inside a fast food restaurant until I was in the US for a few years!”   “I did not even attempt to use a drive through for several years after living in the US!”   These are a few answers my friends from India had to the questions, “How long did […]

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