What is the Flipped Classroom?

As we wrap up programs, some participants talk about enjoying the flipped class experience. I’d like to take a little time to answer the question, “What is the flipped classroom – especially at Authentic Journeys?”   What is the Flipped Classroom? Traditional classrooms entail a “teacher” or in the corporate sense, a “trainer” delivering content. […]

Authentic Journeys Story from Inception until Today

In early March, Jennifer Kumar, Managing Director was a guest on Wedo Talks by David Jaques. In this episode, Jennifer talks about the Authentic Journeys’ story from inception (2011) until today (2022).   Listen in or read the transcript below. Follow the transcript for links to other podcasts Jennifer Kumar has been a guest on […]

Add Authentic Journeys Training to LinkedIn Profile

This post will show you how to add your Authentic Journeys’ training to your LinkedIn profile.   I’ve taken some time to write out how to add your training to your LinkedIn profile through written instructions, screenshots and video tutorials. Though the platform updates and changes from time to time, hopefully, the process is pretty […]

When Training Is Not Always the Answer

The video transcript follows.   [00:00:01]  Is a training program always the answer to the challenges of client communication? [00:00:10] Hello, everyone. I’m Jennifer Kumar from Authentic Journeys and many may be surprised that I’m asking that question because I actually deliver communication, leadership and cross-cultural training specifically for software development teams in India that work […]

How Can a Cross-Cultural Leadership Coach Help You?

When do you need a cross-cultural leadership coach and business strategist?     Answer: Depends on the person and situation! Below are 15 reasons international-minded professionals such as you seek assistance from a cross-cultural leadership coach or a cross-cultural business strategist. This list is not exhaustive. I work with Americans, but am not a US […]

American Culture and Language Blogs with High SEO

Back in May, I posted the first blog on American culture and language blogs with high SEO. That blog has been a pretty popular blog, so I thought to create another blog on the same topic. First, I will highlight some blogs that were not highlighted in the previous post, then follow up with how […]

3 Million/ 30 Lakh Hits! Thank you!

On February 6, 2020, this blog crossed the 3 million mark (30 lakhs)! Though we had posted about it on social media, it was not posted on the blog.. so here it is!!   Thank you for your support over the years to help us reach 3 Million – 30 Lakh Hits! Scroll down to […]

Get to Know Authentic Journeys FAQ

Authentic Journeys helps companies like yours build effective US-India cross border and distributed teams. While a majority of clients are in the IT sector, we also worked with global teams in the financial sector, housing sector, accounting and tax, immigration, media analytics, e-commerce, and education.  Authentic Journeys works with your business to achieve your goals […]

What Does a Cross Cultural Leadership Coach Do?

A Cross Cultural Leadership Coach DOES: Helps you create ideas and solutions. You are in charge of deciding which path (decision) to take.  Helps you keep on track, by providing accountability for your decisions. Keep all your information confidential (doesn’t tell anyone) Interview preparation and career strategy  Review, understand and apply solutions for better cross-cultural […]

Business Coaching for Keralites and Indians

This post outlines some common questions that prospective clients to Authentic Journeys have about what we do, our coaching process and the outcomes.  Jennifer Debriefing a Con Call Role Play, Photo Credit Jennifer Kumar What are some examples successful training outcomes?  I will learn and apply American phone and email etiquette while handling routine as well as […]

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