Facts About Pongal Festival in South India

If you have Indian colleagues who celebrate Pongal or are from Tamil Nadu and observe this holiday in India or abroad, this article will offer some facts about the Pongal festival in addition to conversation starters with your Indian colleagues.    Facts About Pongal   When is Pongal?  Pongal usually falls every year on January […]

Didi, Akka, Chechi – Means Friendship in India

While we were in quarantine, I had quite a few American female friends reach out to me asking me, “Why did the new friend I made online from India call me by didi? What does that mean? Why aren’t they calling me by my name?”  They were obviously taken aback as they weren’t sure what the word […]

Republic Day – A Patriotic, National Holiday in India

Republic Day, which falls on January 26th every year, is the first holiday in the Western Calendar that is celebrated all over India and is an official day off.    What is Republic Day in India?  Repulic Day in India celebrates the day that India’s constitution was officially put into place on January 26, 1950. India became […]

What is Kerala Piravi – Kerala Day

What is Kerala Piravi – Kerala Day?  Kerala Piravi (Kerala Day) is the birthday of the state of Kerala is Southwestern India. See the map to the right. The red highlighted section is Kerala State.   When was the birthdate of Kerala?  November 1, 1956. As of 2022, Kerala turns 66! (Note: India’s Independence Day/Date […]

Basic Facts About Independence Day in India

Introduction to Basic Facts about Independence Day in India When is India’s Independence Day? August 15. When did India gain Independence from the British?  In 1947. What day or days are given off for this holiday?  If it falls on a working day, only that particular working day is given off. It is true that […]

My Clock Didn’t Change for Fall Back – What Happens?

Most people’s phones automatically change the time during the daylight time saving season, however other clocks need to be manually changed. There are times even my clock didn’t change for fall back – and I get a bit anxious if it did or not and would I be late or early if I have the […]

Ask About Office Timings – Small Talk India & USA

“What are your office timings?” This is a common question in Indian English. While this question is acceptable in the U.S., also, in American English, we would say it differently, hence there are differences in asking about office timings between India and the USA. The phrase “office timings” is not commonly used in American English. […]

Things to do Before visiting India from the US

Checklist of Things to Do Before Leaving Your House in the US for Long Trips Inform your landlord.  For those who travel abroad for more than a month at a time, inform your landlord, especially if your landlord is not your trusted friend or family member watching the house. We wouldn’t want our landlord to […]

What is Diwali? Stories, Legends, Celebrations in Different Parts of India

What is Diwali? Known as the festival of lights, Diwali is celebrated on a nation-wide scale sometime between mid September and mid November, based on the Hindu calendar. In 2019, Diwali falls on November 14. “Diwali” is the easy-to-pronounce form of Deepavali. In Sanskrit “Deepawali” is the marriage of two Sanskrit words- Deepa meaning light […]

Are you settled yet?

When moving abroad family, friends, new neighbors and perfect strangers will want to know if you’re feeling at home in your new home. One way of doing that- especially the Indian way is by asking, “Are you settled yet?”  I am unsure how to answer this question. For me, feeling settled is about more than […]

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