Add Authentic Journeys Training to LinkedIn Profile

This post will show you how to add your Authentic Journeys’ training to your LinkedIn profile.   I’ve taken some time to write out how to add your training to your LinkedIn profile through written instructions, screenshots and video tutorials. Though the platform updates and changes from time to time, hopefully, the process is pretty […]

Recalculating Career Opportunities

I’m super excited to share a presentation entitled Recalculating Career Opportunities for Clients. This was a panel discussion that I took part in with Lisa Hecht and Stephanie Renk as part of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) International Coaching Week (ICW) 2020 through the ICF High Country Chapter.  I am excited to share that this […]

Deliver Impressive Status Updates: Performance Coaching for Development Teams

Deliver Impressive Status Updates Program Schedule: An 8 – 13 hour course. Up to 8 Participants. Location: Online Meeting RoomFacilitator: Jennifer Kumar (learn more about Jennifer)Contact: / +95 39347529 (WhatsApp)   Do you ever feel your client isn’t impressed with your status updates?  Do you hear clients ask you for more information or appear to challenge your status […]

Improving Your Online Home Office Presence – Webinar

Back in May, Jinesh Narayanankutty, Brent Edwards and I co-hosted a webinar, Improving Your Online Home Office Presence, to aid the transition into working from home during the Covid Lockdown with the express goal of giving people insight into how to stay visible with colleagues when not meeting them in a face to face environment. […]

How can a cross-cultural business strategist help us?

Who gets help from a cross-cultural business strategist Answer: Since 2011, several categories of professionals have benefited from sessions with our cross-cultural and language experts at Authentic Journeys:   Virtual IT teams working across global boundaries. We help your teams communicate more effectively in daily StandUp meetings and in other interactions with clients and stakeholders in […]

Tips to Network at Conferences

With over 20,000 attendees, almost 200 sponsors and probably another 100 speakers and panelists, the Silicon Slopes Tech Summit is ripe for networking. This is my second year in attendance. Amazingly I was able to recognize at least five people in the sea of humanity that I have met last year. Though there were some […]

Networking & Small Talk in Conferences

Though I give presentations, I am shy. That’s right! I may be able to stand on a stage and talk to 10, 50, 100, 200 people, but, I am not so comfortable meeting new people and strangers in a conference or a training program where people from different companies come together. I like to meet […]

What is it like to travel for work?

Jennifer Kumar, the Managing Director of Authentic Journeys has been traveling for her work since she started her career after graduating from college. In the video below, Jennifer shares her experiences about traveling for work, how she got to India, why she went to India and is now living in India for a second time, […]

Use Gap Analysis For Professional and Personal Development

In this video, I explain how Gap Analysis helps us to set and achieve goals in the coaching process.   To watch the video on YouTube, click here. Video Transcript Gap analysis. What is this term gap analysis and how can it help you improve your soft skills, personality development and spoken English?   Well, […]


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