Phrases for Group Discussions and Client Meetings

Knowing and understanding how to use phrases for group discussion, team, and client meetings boosts your confidence as a global professional using English as a non-native speaker with native speakers. Using such phrases helps improve the flow and relatability of the conversation, making it sound more native and natural-sounding. In addition, your global native-English speaking […]

Speak with Confidence in Virtual Meetings

Most likely, you’re a non-native English speaker looking for strategies that you can apply to communicate more effectively with confidence in virtual meetings, is that correct?   Well, I hope so, because you have come to the right place. I’m Jennifer Kumar from Authentic Journeys, and I’d like to share three strategies with you that […]

Get Ready for the Demo

Wow US Clients During Demos & Sales Presentations Do you sell to or work with US clients from India?  Are you wondering why they are not connecting with you the way you anticipate?  Do you know you have a good product or service, but feel the US prospect doesn’t get the message the way you present it […]

Pronunciation Tips for Virtual Meetings

Top 5 Pronunciation Tips  Andrea: [00:00:10] Hello, everybody, and welcome to the English with Andrea podcast. I’m your English teacher, Andrea Giordano from study with Andrea dot com. And today we have a very special episode of the podcast because we have a special guest on the podcast today, Jennifer Kumar from Authentic Journeys Dot […]

English Phrases for Client Demos and Meetings

Using conversational connectors and phrases for client demos makes them more interesting to your clients and participants (and yourself!). While it’s important to showcase your technical expertise, sticking only to the technical aspects can be dry and boring to your listeners, especially if they aren’t technical (like me!), but, even if they are technical.  Benefits […]

Stop Speaking to Speak Better!

I help tech workers like you prepare for all types of client-facing conversations, meetings and interviews. When I do, I find a common thread in most of those I am coaching. Many, if not all, at some point, answer a question or reply to a statement that was never said [by me].  When this first […]

Good Posture Improves Voice Quality

For those who spend a majority of their time in virtual meetings, delivering online presentations or working in a call center, did you know that good posture improves voice quality?  It is. When we have good posture, we can breathe easier, hence our voice will sound clearer. Additionally, with better posture and better, more even […]

How to Walk On the Stage While Presenting

Do you want to be a participant in a training program or a presentation where the presenter stands stiff in one place all throughout? Of course not! If you said yes, I guarantee you are lying or just saying that to be nice. Or, you’ve blocked out the last boring presentation out of your mind […]

Do Lecterns Help or Hinder a Presentation?

If there is a lectern in your presentation area, how do you utilize it?   How you stand along with the lectern impacts how the audience connects with you and your message.   Take a moment to contemplate these questions: Who are some of the best public speakers you have seen? How did they use […]

Present While Sitting – Wow Them From Your Chair

I stress to everyone who has to present while sitting – including when speaking on the phone or during online meetings (with or without the video) for client meetings to maintain good posture, and to keep their hands away from their face. The elements of good posture include: Sitting up straight  Do not bend your […]

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