Cultural Differences Between India and the West

In today’s blog, published in 2022, I want to share a podcast where Hugo Messer (Founder of multiple companies) and I discussed cultural differences between India and the West in 2016. At the time of this podcast, Hugo hosted this under the banner of Bridge Global based in Kochi, India. I appreciate Hugo for giving […]

Offshore and Onsite Holiday Calendar 2023

For those who work on offshore and onsite teams between the US and India, I have compiled this list of holidays, observances, and special days between the US and India. While not all of these are leave days (or paid vacation days off), some may be floating holidays depending on your colleague’s religious and cultural affiliation. […]

Coaching Startups: 3 Considerations

In January 2021, I attended a seminar on coaching startups hosted by WBECS. This seminar was a treasure trove of information. As I have been coaching (training and consulting) with startups (in India) since 2011, I was keen to know how the approaches discussed by the US based coach may overlap with my experience abroad. […]

New Year Wishes in 40 Languages

Thanks to my Facebook and professional online networks, I have compiled the following list of global new year wishes in 40 languages!    In each line take note:  The name of the language: The greeting in that language. Words in parenthesis (…) are the required transliterations for any scripts that aren’t Roman. Blue bolded word […]

Leave, PTO, Days Off, Holidays, Vacations in 2021

India & US Vacations in 2021    Need for this Calendar This calendar will be useful for Indians and Americans working on distributed, global teams with multiple offices in India or in the US. As India is a diverse country which celebrates different holidays in different parts of the country, this calendar mainly focuses on: […]

Articles on Cross-Cultural Business Topics

Looking to read some articles on cross-cultural business topics with high-ranked keywords? Look no further! Authentic Journeys Blog SEO Keyword Rankings  This page tallies results ONLY for May 2020.  (See July 2020 Updates)  Thank you everyone for your support over the years!    1. Keyword string: “daylight savings will i be late or early” This […]

Spring Forward: Idioms, Conversation Starters, Scheduling Changes

What is Spring Forward? Spring forward is a phrase that refers to daylight saving time (DST) in the spring in the northern hemisphere. In the US and Canada, daylight saving time will happen every year, the second Sunday of March at 2am (2022- March 13, 2am local time).   During this time period, many local […]

Lean on Popular Culture – Tips on Broaching Delicate Topics

The sixth tip in a series of tips on How to Broach Delicate Topics is to:   Lean on Popular Culture for Guidance and Insight    Through the use of multimedia like television news, advertisements, sitcoms, movies, music, and radio shows, facilitators of cross-cultural training programs can highlight various elements of cultural understanding without the use of lectures. […]

“Time Zone Resentment” – Managing Time on Global Teams

Do you have time zone resentment?  If you work with international, virtual teams, it is likely you have experienced ‘time zone resentment.’ Coined by the website Campaign, “time zone resentment” stems from: “…conducting meetings consistently in the “middle” zone can create resentment from those having to dial in during the early morning or late evening.“ […]

KPO vs. BPO: How They Are Different

Outsourcing of business operations is quite common in today’s world. There are very few (if any) large organizations (MNCs- Multi National Corporations) in the world that don’t outsource at least a handful of their operations. Let’s explore the differences between KPO vs BPO.     KPO vs. BPO: Definitions Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is the […]

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