How to Deal with an Egotistical Person

Quite frankly I strongly dislike the title “How to deal with an egotistical person,” but I know this is what people search for.   Also, this gives me a good opportunity to open this blog with why I don’t resonate with the wording as a good segue into the actual article. I have always abhorred […]

Managing Client Expectations: Coaching Program

Schedule: Managing Client Expectations is a 17-week course. Up to 8 Participants meet every alternate week (1.5 hours) for 6-9 sessions. Location: Online Meeting Room Facilitator: Jennifer Kumar   Goal of the Course This course, Managing Client Expectations, brings your development team’s leadership and consulting skills to the forefront. Participants who complete this program significantly […]

Make Email Writing Easy – For Non-Native Speakers

“I’m alright when I speak, but I am afraid to write in an email. It may not look good, it may not influence my reader. I can’t convince him or her in writing. My email probably has grammar problems… (the list goes on)… How can I make email writing easy?”   Why is email writing […]

Offshore and Onsite Holiday Calendar 2023

For those who work on offshore and onsite teams between the US and India, I have compiled this list of holidays, observances, and special days between the US and India. While not all of these are leave days (or paid vacation days off), some may be floating holidays depending on your colleague’s religious and cultural affiliation. […]

3 Reasons Why US Clients Ask Questions

[00:00:01] Asking questions in American culture is pretty common. For any of you who work with U.S. Americans from outside the U.S., you might be wondering about this.   Why do US Clients ask us so many questions?  Listen to the video below or read the text below the video.   When American clients ask […]

Cultivates Trust and Safety: ICF Core Competency 4

ICF Core Competency 4: Cultivates Trust and Safety part 2 See/read part 1. Written by: Jennifer Kumar (Managing Director, head Coach of Authentic Journeys)    [00:00:01] And welcome. I’m Jennifer Kumar. I’m actually here for part two of the core competency number for deep dive, which is revolving around the topic, cultivating trust and safety. So let me […]

New Year Wishes in 40 Languages

Thanks to my Facebook and professional online networks, I have compiled the following list of global new year wishes in 40 languages!    In each line take note:  The name of the language: The greeting in that language. Words in parenthesis (…) are the required transliterations for any scripts that aren’t Roman. Blue bolded word […]

Accent Reduction for Native Speakers

“But…” says the native speaker…..”my colleague is fluent in “my” language, so we are speaking the same language.”    But, are we, really?    Is American English the same as UK English? Is Indian English the same as Filipino English? Or, is the English spoken in Ghana or South Africa the same as the English spoken in New […]

Improving Your Online Home Office Presence – Webinar

Back in May, Jinesh Narayanankutty, Brent Edwards and I co-hosted a webinar, Improving Your Online Home Office Presence, to aid the transition into working from home during the Covid Lockdown with the express goal of giving people insight into how to stay visible with colleagues when not meeting them in a face to face environment. […]

Designing Actions, Goal Setting, Accountability

Written by: Jennifer Kumar (Managing Director, head Coach of Authentic Journeys)  To round out our ICF core competency series, three more remain in the last section (Section D: Facilitating Learning and Results): Designing Actions (#9), Planning and Goal Setting (#10) and Managing Progress and Accountability (#11). There is a fourth competency in this section; Creating Awareness (#8), […]

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