20 Coaching Questions for Goal Realization

Let’s talk about how you can coach yourself in setting and achieving a HARD goal. In the video and detail below, I want to share more than 20 coaching questions you can use for goal realization. Though I am basing the discussion off of the book Hundred Percenters by Mark Murphy, I will be highlighting […]

HARDen Up Goal Setting for Ideal Outcomes

Are you looking for a different approach to setting and achieving your goals? In this video, I’m going to discuss HARD goals as proposed by Mark Murphy in this 2014 book that I picked up and read in like two days, which is really incredible for me.   I’m Jennifer Kumar from Authentic Journeys. Welcome […]

Measuring Coaching Effectiveness

“What performance indicators do you use to measure the effectiveness of your coaching?”  This is a common question that clients ask while interviewing me and deciding to engage us for team coaching and other learning interventions. Three measurements that I have used with success are:   Scores on 360 performance reviews:  Some aspects of professional […]

Use Gap Analysis For Professional and Personal Development

In this video, I explain how Gap Analysis helps us to set and achieve goals in the coaching process.   To watch the video on YouTube, click here. Video TranscriptGap analysis. What is this term gap analysis and how can it help you improve your soft skills, personality development and spoken English?  Well, hello, everyone. […]

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