What makes a good status update?

Have you wondered what makes a good status update? Take a look at our program that has helped development teams outside of the US exhibit leadership presence with their US stakeholders.   Deliver Impressive Status Updates Program Schedule: An 8 – 13 hour course. Up to 8 Participants. Location: Online Meeting RoomFacilitator: Jennifer Kumar (learn more […]

Building Trust & Good Relationships with US Clients

Is your software team based in India? (Or outside of the US?)    Do you work with US Clients from offshore or as an expat in the US? Are you looking for tips and strategies for building trust & good relationships with US Clients?   If you are wondering how your team can better connect […]

Convince US Clients With Ease

How can we convince our US clients about project deliverables and change requests? This is a very common question asked by many teams we have coached in India.   If Americans love to save two things, those are time and money. To negotiate and to convince an American is to appeal to their love of saving […]

What NOT to Say on Sales Calls

“What words or phrases should we avoid on sales calls with Americans?” “What should we say instead?” These are common questions professionals in India ask me that are working with Americans. In this post, I will share some dos and don’ts when it comes to what to avoid saying and what to say instead.   […]

21 Ways To Impress American Clients

After attending the U.S. business culture training – Virtual Meetings that Impress American Clients & Get Work Done or Managing Client Relationships, participants noted these 21 ways they improved their client facing meeting skills.  Following the 21 pointers, take a look at the planning boards we use to conduct the sessions.    How To Build Better […]

Preferring Start Ups in India over the Big 10 IT Service Providers

Anyone who has heard anything about the Indian IT outsourcing world has heard of the big 10 IT outsourcers which include high stakes players such as Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Accenture, Wipro, Cognizant, and Infosys. A recent Business Standard article, Indian IT firms face uphill task for new contracts up for rebid, also reflected on […]

Build US Client Base (For Companies in India)

“Americans are more willing to take risks, more open to new ideas and may be willing to spend more money than in other markets.” Said by a CEO of a startup company in India, these are some of the reasons Indians prefer to do business with Americans over Canadians and even Europeans. Let’s take a […]

Avoid Mistakes in Providing Good Service to US Clients & Customers

In driving transformation for US stakeholders while working in a Global Capability Center, it’s essential avoid mistakes in providing good service when working across cultures. In this blog (and in the accompanying video) we will highlight best practices in working with US Americans, especially when you have never been to the US and lack the […]

Tips to Work Effectively With Americans: Tips from ThinkPalm

Manoj KP, Director and CEO of ThinkPalm Technologies shares the top ten tips to work successfully with American clients and counterparts.  10 Tips to Work Effectively with US Americans Be clear – if you don’t understand, get clarity, summarize and assure you understand.  Vet all processes upfront   Don’t make assumptions  US counterparts expect transparency  […]

Understanding US Cultural Norms: Tips from Suyati

“Sitting in the terminal waiting for my flight to depart from the U.S. back to India, an American lady approached me. After greeting me, she asked me if I was from India. As soon as I said yes, she asked me if I could spare a moment to look at her computer!”  The Rise of […]

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