20 Coaching Questions for Goal Realization

Let’s talk about how you can coach yourself in setting and achieving a HARD goal. In the video and detail below, I want to share more than 20 coaching questions you can use for goal realization. Though I am basing the discussion off of the book Hundred Percenters by Mark Murphy, I will be highlighting […]

HARDen Up Goal Setting for Ideal Outcomes

Are you looking for a different approach to setting and achieving your goals? In this video, I’m going to discuss HARD goals as proposed by Mark Murphy in this 2014 book that I picked up and read in like two days, which is really incredible for me.   I’m Jennifer Kumar from Authentic Journeys. Welcome […]

Miracle Question Transforms New Year’s Resolutions

We have all been there – setting that New Year’s resolution only to lose motivation after a few days, weeks or months. To help you reframe your perspective to this so that you will be one of the few amazing individuals who make your new year’s resolution come true, maybe you can try this approach […]

An EASY Way to Make Someone’s Day

To make someone’s day means to provide an experience to a person to uplevel an ordinary or dull day to a very memorable and exciting one!    What is a simple way to make someone’s day? Listen on… (transcript below video)…   Saying:    How are you? How are you today? How’s your day going so far? […]

How Our Identity is Tied to Our Values

It’s exciting to explore a new place and learn new things. However, as we soon realize our life WILL be different, things AREN’T as we thought they would be and it DOES feel harder to stay connected to our ‘true identity’ than we thought it would be; we become paralyzed.   How can we come […]

Downsides of Adapting to a New Culture

“Culture shock may never end!” This encouraging remark is a summation of statements I have heard from immigrants to the US from various parts of the world, including my parents who both have lived in the US for more than 50 years and still don’t feel completely American despite their best attempts at raising my […]

How to Overcome Negativity

Question:  If you had a friend, colleague or acquaintance you knew had potential but was always saying negative things, how would you respond? How can I overcome negativity? What if you have already tried techniques like changing the subject, trying to find the positive in the negative, or ignoring the negativity? (And, still after trying […]

How Do I Find a Good Solution To My Problem?

“When I coach with you, you ask me questions to make me think of things on a deeper level. Through this process, I realize I am defining and looking for the answer to the wrong problem. Only through our discussions, I can identify the problem better, which makes me find the right answer.”  When my […]

The Mask Makes the Man!

In this touching story, which is different than all my other blog posts, I share how  covering up in a costume on Halloween helped one special person to uncover  the greatness beneath and forge the new and scary path of soul searching.     The mask Dave wore on Halloween gave him a new confidence. He […]


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