Focus Business English Course Facilitated by Gabby Rincon

We are excited to announce Authentic Journeys’ Partnership with English Priority. We are beyond honored to have contributed content to English Priority’s Focus Business English Course for Non-Native Speakers.   On February 2nd, I went on live with Gabby Rincon, the Founder of English Priority, based in Santiago, Chile. To learn the bonus material Authentic […]

Make Email Writing Easy – For Non-Native Speakers

“I’m alright when I speak, but I am afraid to write in an email. It may not look good, it may not influence my reader. I can’t convince him or her in writing. My email probably has grammar problems… (the list goes on)… How can I make email writing easy?”   Why is email writing […]

Checklist to Self-Edit Emails

Checklist to Self-Edit Emails:  Capitalize the letter I on it’s own.  Capitalize the first letter of every sentence.  Capitalize the first letter of proper nouns (names, company names, your job title, days of the week, month names, country and city names, etc.).  Ensure there is a punctuation mark (full stop/period, question mark, exclamation mark) at […]

Writing Easy to Read Emails (Video Tutorials)

“Jennifer, when you taught my team how to write easy to read emails, it decreased my management intervention in email communication by 75%! I could then use this time to more effectively manage the project and do other critical tasks. Thank you!”   How can make my emails easier to read? Learning to write effective […]

Meeting Planning Over Email with Americans

While it is always easier to plan meetings in live conversations, now more than ever, meetings are getting planned through emails and other written forms of communication (IM, slack channels, etc). Due to this, it is good to know how meeting planning over email tends to happen with US Americans (if you don’t have access […]

An Example of a Really, Really Bad Cold E-mail

There are no dearth of IT companies in India. I sure many pop up on a daily basis. And, they all want business. So, they hire a few people under the title of Business Developers to start cold emailing or cold calling prospects. Over the last few years, I have provided some tips to such […]

Cold Email Tips and Sample Templates

To be clear, I do not endorse cut and paste e-mail templates. Learning how to write an effective email is an art form. And, while there is no one way that guarantees each and every cold email to get opened and responded to (if you have heard of this happening, let me know), we can […]

When to Use Advise or Advice in Office E-mails

The word “advise” is commonly used in work related emails in India. Some common sentences or uses include: “Kindly advise me what to do.” (At the end of an email.) “Frank advised us to….” (In the body of the email.) “I advised the client we would be late to the meeting.” “Please advise your convenient […]

Style Guides: Books to Improve and Set Guidelines for Written English

Ensuring the language we use for business communication is presented in a standardized way in an organization requires guidelines. These style guides and reference books are widely available to everyone who writes to ensure a standard is followed for consistency and readability. Let’s take a look at some types of reference books that you can […]

Synonyms for Delayed

Are you guilty of using or overusing the following types of sentences? “Sorry for the delayed response.”  “I missed the mail, hence the delay.”  “The P.O. has been approved. It was because of the holiday [in Bangalore] that the payment got delayed.”    The word ‘delay’ is commonly used in business communication in Kerala, India. […]

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