Authentic Journeys Story from Inception until Today

In early March, Jennifer Kumar, Managing Director was a guest on Wedo Talks by David Jaques. In this episode, Jennifer talks about the Authentic Journeys’ story from inception (2011) until today (2022).   Listen in or read the transcript below. Follow the transcript for links to other podcasts Jennifer Kumar has been a guest on […]

How Fall Back Impacts Meetings Between India and the USA

“Fall back” happens on the first Sunday of November. During this time most Americans “gain an hour.” If you work with Americans from India, your meeting times will be moved ahead for one hour. Although your US client will be meeting you at 9am EST before or after the end of daylight saving time, you […]

3 Ways to Get to Know Your US Client

Many working on global software teams or those who provide IT consulting or app building services to U.S. clients may start their engagement with limited knowledge about their client outside the technical scope and requirements of the project. If this is you, let’s see how you can get to know some simple things about your […]

Do NOT Say or Write This to US Clients

Of all the questions I ever get asked, this is probably the most common: What should I never say to US clients? While there are surely things NOT to say… …. there is never a one size fits all solution or list for all groups (depending on role and part of India, the English is […]

How Spring Forward Changes Meeting Times

On the second Sunday of March at 2am, most parts of the continental U.S. ‘spring forward.’ This means that digital clocks automatically change from 1:59am to 3am. Those with manual clocks (microwave and car clocks, for instance), must change them by hand. The video below shows the clock automatically changing from 1:59am to 3am. This […]

Work Effectively Between the US and India

If you are setting up offshore projects in India, you may be looking for tips to work more effectively between the US and India.   Listen to the video above to learn about some of the top cross-cultural mishaps that impact Indian businesses interacting with American clients, counterparts and colleagues. The tips and remedies you […]

Build US Client Base (For Companies in India)

“Americans are more willing to take risks, more open to new ideas and may be willing to spend more money than in other markets.” Said by a CEO of a startup company in India, these are some of the reasons Indians prefer to do business with Americans over Canadians and even Europeans. Let’s take a […]

Indian to American English Translations

All Englishes are not the same! In some U.S. culture and business English training programs, we look at different uses of English terms between the U.S. and India. While the Indian to American English translations and sentence examples in this post were written by participants of our training programs in India, American team members can […]

Ask About Office Timings – Small Talk India & USA

“What are your office timings?” This is a common question in Indian English. While this question is acceptable in the U.S., also, in American English, we would say it differently, hence there are differences in asking about office timings between India and the USA. The phrase “office timings” is not commonly used in American English. […]

Understanding US Cultural Norms: Tips from Suyati

“Sitting in the terminal waiting for my flight to depart from the U.S. back to India, an American lady approached me. After greeting me, she asked me if I was from India. As soon as I said yes, she asked me if I could spare a moment to look at her computer!”  The Rise of […]

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