4 Ways NRI Children Find Adjustment to Life in India Difficult

Recently in interacting with Non-Resident Indian (hereafter, NRI) families considering a move back to India, the topic of children’s adjustment came up. Today, being Children’s Day, I thought to share a few challenges NRI children who move from the USA to India face.  What Problems Will My Child Face in Adjusting Back to Indian Culture? […]

Kinds of Household Help Hired in India

By: Pallavi Rao Edited by: Jennifer Kumar & Chris Sufi  Note: Quoted rates in this article are from 2012. In the previous post, I shared some general tips on hiring household help in Mumbai, India. Today, I would like to introduce you to all the different kinds of help that you can hire to for […]

13 Tips for Employing a Maid in India

Tips given by: Pallavi RaoEdited by: Jennifer Kumar & Chris Sufi Employing a maid and other household help in India is common. Many Non- Resident Indians (NRIs), including myself, have lived in the West where we had to do all the household chores without any help. However, when we come back to India, we realize […]

Help With Living In India

Jennifer wrote on her blog INDIA! “I think hands down, this has been one of the hardest things I’ve done, both in terms of work and country. Before coming to India, I met a new friend, Jennifer, who is a cross cultural coach here in India and lives about 2 hours south of me. I […]

Can an American Adjust to Life in India? 3 Things That Helped Me!

Some months ago, I wrote a few tips on how to feel more settled when moving abroad. I wrote that post from the heart. June marked four months into my stay in India, but no, I wasn’t settled. Am I settled now almost nine months into my stay? Have I taken my own advice? What […]

Salary Myths of NRIs Returning to India from the USA

While it’s tempting to believe all the stories you hear about those who have returned to India (R2I), it’s better to do your research and know the facts. A recent article in the Economic Times busted a few myths Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) have of moving back to India and working. What are some myths NRIs […]

Indian vs. American Mindset – A Story on Different Value Systems

Sitting facing me, she looked at me in the eyes, so I knew she was about to say something important. “Jennifer, life is tough. Don’t take it lightly and always take the advice of elders. I did not have this luxury growing up. My parents left me alone. Even my aunts and uncles. They said […]

Considerations When Choosing a Place to Live in India

When planning for your accommodation in India, here are a list of important questions to think about getting answers to. Answers to these questions vary widely on the city, it’s infrastructure, and available resources. No two situations will be the same.  Electric (Current) Do you have uninterrupted power supply? How frequent, if at all are […]


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