10 Solution Focused Coaching Questions For Dev Teams

It’s time to do some team introspection with these 10 Solution Focused coaching questions for dev teams.   Speaking up is a team effort. While we may want to focus on only the quiet ones and put the onus on them to talk, that typically gets them to clam up even more. And, as we […]

What makes a good status update?

Have you wondered what makes a good status update? Take a look at our program that has helped development teams outside of the US exhibit leadership presence with their US stakeholders.   Deliver Impressive Status Updates Program Schedule: An 8 – 13 hour course. Up to 8 Participants. Location: Online Meeting RoomFacilitator: Jennifer Kumar (learn more […]

Encourage Indian Teams to Participate in Stand-up Meetings

Uncovering ways to encourage Indian teams to participate in standup meetings is one of the areas that we shine. One of the concerns some of those who work with Indians who are not familiar with India wonder is, “How fluent are Indians in English, and will they speak up during meetings?”    Teams I tend […]

Everyone Gets Heard During StandUp Meetings

Have you ever struggled with having all the team members speak up during a standup? Ensuring everyone gets heard during standup meetings can be a harrowing task for many reasons.  Helping make virtual team meetings more productive Distributed teams attend stand up meetings by web conferencing, con-call or other online collaborative tools. These meetings can be attended […]

Leadership Coaching For Dev Teams

Has training not worked for your dev teams? Let’s try something different, more personalized with more long-lasting results: Leadership Coaching for dev teams.   Let’s talk about coaching for Leadership Coaching for Dev Teams!  Coaching is not training or content delivery. No more boring PowerPoints or sitting quietly in the back of a packed training […]

Help! My Developers Won’t Speak Up on Client Calls

Project Managers have their hands full. While it’s important that the PMs get involved in escalations or higher level project discussions, many PMs in start ups and mid-sized companies get overwhelmed with having to handle the everyday client calls, stand up calls, and status update meetings. Often, many of the managers we work with exclaim, […]

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