Do I Have Culture Shock?

Yes, culture shock is real.  For those who have ever moved away from home to a new environment and experienced any of the following symptoms, it’s likely you faced culture shock:  Social Symptoms Feeling lonely most of the time (even when around others) Over identifying or idealizing your native country or culture Inability to accept […]

US Culture Awareness Training in India

, fIn Between 2014 and 2018, Authentic Journeys provided US culture awareness training for Indians working for UST in Kochi, Trivandrum, Chennai, and Bangalore.  The US Cultural Awareness Training Program (USCAT) was created by Authentic Journeys in partnership with UST and its training affiliates readied the associates for their short and long-term business trips onsite […]

Perception: How Others See Us Abroad

When we are suddenly thrust into another country and culture, we suddenly ‘stick out.’ Previously, blending into the crowds around us, being one of the masses and having some anonymity now becomes a thing of the past. Our foreign looks or dressing style sets us apart instantly. Even for those of us moving to similar […]

10 Things NOT To Do When Flying

Air travel has become very common but unfortunately the habits followed in buses and trains are carried forward to air travel. There are some mannerisms we observe among travelers, sometimes we ourselves might be party to it. Here’s my list of 10 habits we should avoid, right from our next flight.   1. Arriving late […]

Use a USA Based Phone in India

Many United States based Non-Resident Indians (here after, NRIs) travel to India every year with USA based cell phone carriers. Many wonder,  “How can I use a USA based phone in India?” Step 1: Find out if your phone is GSM or CDMA Carriers T-Mobile and AT&T are GSM compatible. (Verizon and Sprint are CDMA […]

Challenges Faced by Female Expats

Entitled Handle International Assignments with Ease, The Hindu recently ran a very engaging and thought provoking article with tips to combat challenges faced by female expats. Within I share some of my rebuttal and thoughts on the article. What are some challenges faced by female expats?   1. Less women travel alone internationally than men. […]

Five Steps To Coping With and Overcoming Culture Shock

After moving to a new country or place, we may encounter differences that surprise or delight us or confuse us and cause culture shock. At such times, we need tools or strategies that will help us in managing, mitigating, and coping with and overcoming culture shock. At any given moment something may cause anxiety in us […]

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