“At Your Earliest Convenience” Yay or Nay?

The use of “at your earliest convenience” is often used in professional emails in some business cultures. What type of response may you get while working with US Americans when using “at your earliest convenience?” Well, this phrase, while it can sound polite, is not specific, so it can also be read as “whenever I […]

We Liked the Flipped Classroom!

It was so exciting to hearing learners say, “We liked the flipped classroom!” I take a lot effort in intentionally designing the learning experiences so that participants spend more time learning from each other than learning from me. Listen to what the learners shared in addition to saying,”We liked the flipped clasroom.” Read more about […]

Building Effective Team Collaboration (Program Feedback)

I’m always so honored and blessed to be a part of someone’s life and career journey. In April of this year, we wrapped up a 10-week program with software professionals working on global teams from India. Listen to what they had to say about the program they attended- Business English Seminar.   Check out the […]

Phrases for Group Discussions and Client Meetings

Knowing and understanding how to use phrases for group discussion, team, and client meetings boosts your confidence as a global professional using English as a non-native speaker with native speakers. Using such phrases helps improve the flow and relatability of the conversation, making it sound more native and natural-sounding. In addition, your global native-English speaking […]

Focus Business English Course Facilitated by Gabby Rincon

We are excited to announce Authentic Journeys’ Partnership with English Priority. We are beyond honored to have contributed content to English Priority’s Focus Business English Course for Non-Native Speakers.   On February 2nd, I went on live with Gabby Rincon, the Founder of English Priority, based in Santiago, Chile. To learn the bonus material Authentic […]

Make Email Writing Easy – For Non-Native Speakers

“I’m alright when I speak, but I am afraid to write in an email. It may not look good, it may not influence my reader. I can’t convince him or her in writing. My email probably has grammar problems… (the list goes on)… How can I make email writing easy?”   Why is email writing […]

10 Ways To Thank on Social Media

Are you managing your company’s social media page?      Do you want different ways to thank on social media or show appreciation to your followers; those who like, view, comment, and share your posts without saying the overused thank you?     Generally, readers of our blog have companies or teams in the US […]

CEFR: Self-Analyze Your English Language Skills

One of the ways we track your progress through our coaching and training programs is through the use of the CEFR self-assessment tool. Take a look at the video below to help you understand how to use this tool to assess your language skills.      How can I use the CEFR to analyze my […]

Speak with Confidence in Virtual Meetings

Most likely, you’re a non-native English speaker looking for strategies that you can apply to communicate more effectively with confidence in virtual meetings, is that correct?   Well, I hope so, because you have come to the right place. I’m Jennifer Kumar from Authentic Journeys, and I’d like to share three strategies with you that […]

Checklist to Self-Edit Emails

Checklist to Self-Edit Emails:  Capitalize the letter I on it’s own.  Capitalize the first letter of every sentence.  Capitalize the first letter of proper nouns (names, company names, your job title, days of the week, month names, country and city names, etc.).  Ensure there is a punctuation mark (full stop/period, question mark, exclamation mark) at […]

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