Building Effective Team Collaboration (Program Feedback)

Posted On: May 5, 2022

I’m always so honored and blessed to be a part of someone’s life and career journey. In April of this year, we wrapped up a 10-week program with software professionals working on global teams from India. Listen to what they had to say about the program they attended- Business English Seminar.


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Building Effective Team Collaboration (Program Feedback)

Jennifer: This is our last session, and I’m really happy that I could witness your transformation over these last ten weeks as we went through all of our programming and getting to know each other. Hopefully you all got to know each other as well a little bit through all the group work and in between sessions and during sessions. So it would be really great to hear some of your thoughts about the program as you see it. So we’ll just take volunteers like usual and then you can go ahead and hand it off to your next colleague. Who’d like to start?

Participant 1: Hi, Jennifer. I will start. It was a great experience attending this session had a lot of fun. So I like the fact that I got to learn a lot by peers and also from you. So I think attending the session is greatly helped me during my practical work. So. I enjoyed this session a lot.

Jennifer: Great. Thanks, Peeyush. Who’d like to share next?

Participant 2: Okay. I’ll be the next one. About the program, I liked it. I loved it. It was a great program. The program was well organized. In each session we had something to pick up and learn. And it was well structured also. So it was great to work in and and about the impact of that. Jennifer, you are a great listener. I like that about you. And also you are not so corrective so we get a lot of confidence to speak up, and that’s the most important thing in this program. And also, I learned something from this program. I got more confidence to speak up. I learned some more skills in writing emails. So it will help me because it will help me in my working areas. So this was a great program and thank you for helping us out.

Jennifer: Who would like to go next?

Participant 3: I’m glad in getting a chance to attend this program. The highlight of this program is that usually in our area English programs or English teaching, coaching centers are taken by our Indians, and the highlight of this program is it was taken by an American. And it’s an opportunity to learn.

Jennifer: Thanks. Who’s next?

Participant 4: Hi. Hi, Jennifer. Hi, everyone. I still can’t believe that this is our last session. I think most of the days and most of the sessions went so quickly, and it was a very good experience. It was a great experience to learn things with you. And you’ve been very patient and you’ve been very friendly to us so that we didn’t lose our confidence. And I think you are one of the cool trainers I have come across because it actually didn’t feel like a very a particular or a typical training program. It was all about interactions and fun, which we had. So in every session we had something to learn. And you have actually helped us a lot to improve in terms of like all the activities and all in terms of English, the accents and everything. So I would like to thank I would like to say a big thanks to Jennifer for coming up and giving us such a beautiful training. And I think more than the training we had, it has been like a very friendly relation with you. So you have really we could we could actually connect with you like very easily and, yeah, so I think that’s it. And thank you. I hope to see you someday. Maybe in Cabot.

Jennifer: For sure. That’s so nice. Thank you.

Participant 5: I would go next. So hi everyone. So I would like to say a big thanks to Jennifer for hearing us out and to accompany us through our journey. You were being very helpful and you showed enough patience to get our response and everything and guide us through our task. And I think, like, there was a lot of improvement from the point where we started. And then when it comes to end, I think there is a lot of improvement in our the way of communication and the way of presenting and everything. So that’s it. The only thing that I had. Like it was online, I think it would be if it was offline, we could we could share like more things and about the session and personal, like friendship and all. So that’s it. Thank you.

Jennifer: Thanks.

Participant 6: Yeah. Actually, I would like to thank Jennifer because from the beginning, from the starting point and the end point, I realized that I had changed a lot. I have improved very much. What I liked the most [was] the friendliness. Because she was never judgmental. Like she analyzed the mistakes and find the solution for that. And I have improved a lot. Thank you, Jennifer, for that.

Jennifer: It’s so wonderful to be part of this process with you. And all of you had said thank you to me, but I can’t do this without you. If I don’t have anyone to coach or train that I can’t do this job. So without you, really, this is just incredible. In fact, I also reached out to Venkatesh and told him the same thing. I’m just so grateful and blessed that I‘ve been able to interact with Cabot and all of you over the last almost now ten years. It’s been an incredible journey that will continue. And I think this is great. So thank you, everyone, for sharing your feedback.

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