Focus Business English Course Facilitated by Gabby Rincon

Posted On: February 3, 2022

We are excited to announce Authentic Journeys’ Partnership with English Priority. We are beyond honored to have contributed content to English Priority’s Focus Business English Course for Non-Native Speakers.


On February 2nd, I went on live with Gabby Rincon, the Founder of English Priority, based in Santiago, Chile.

To learn the bonus material Authentic Journeys has shared to enhance the program

English Priority’s Focus Business English Course for non-native speakers

Listen in on the live casts below.


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Is broken up into four modules:

Module 1: Business English: The Essentials

Module 2: Effective Business Speaking

Module 3: Effective Business Writing

Module 4: Cross-Cultural Communication


To learn more and sign up follow this link.


After 12 weeks you will be able to……

Learn frequently used spoken shortcuts in grammar and vocabulary

Learn ways to think out loud, buy time and avoid uncomfortable silences

Write professional texts that leave a remarkable impression

Understand the culture in the English-speaking business world

And more… follow to the course sign up page to sign up!


Gabby also holds weekly FREE English speaking clubs – meet people from different countries to practice English!

Contact Gabby –– for all the details on the FOCUS Business English Course, Speaking Clubs or other English learning resources.



Other podcasts and webinar where Jennifer Kumar was a guest or panelist:

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Recalculating Career Opportunities with Lisa Hecht and Stephanie Renk- March 2021

Communicate Successfully at WORK with Ethan from Beyond Borders – October 2021

(If you listen to this podcast on their website, you will see that Ethan has extracted the idioms and phrasal verbs that I used for additional learning.)

Providing Cross-Cultural Training in India hosted by Hugo Messer from Ekipa – Jan. 2016

Authentic Journeys Story from Inception until Today hosted by David Jaques from Wedo

A Few Small Talk Topic Taboos hosted by Lindsay McMahon from All Ears English – Oct. 2105

Our Small Talk course, Building Trust and Good Relations With US Americans, teaches individuals how to engage in casual conversations with others. It covers topics like initiating conversations, asking open-ended questions, active listening, and body language. The course helps participants build rapport and establish connections with people they encounter in social settings. Overall, a Small Talk course is a valuable investment for anyone who wants to improve their social skills and feel more comfortable in various social situations.


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