Idioms for “Hurry and Finish” with Sample Sentences

Getting things done on time or before the deadline is one way to impress Americans. Therefore, you may hear US Americans use a lot of different idioms for “hurry and finish.” Let’s take a look at some of the idioms for “hurry and finish” along with synonyms of the phrase as well as sample sentences […]

An Example of a Really, Really Bad Cold E-mail

There are no dearth of IT companies in India. I sure many pop up on a daily basis. And, they all want business. So, they hire a few people under the title of Business Developers to start cold emailing or cold calling prospects. Over the last few years, I have provided some tips to such […]

How to Respond to “Thank You”

Saying and responding to Thank You is a MUST. It builds relationships and trust with US American clients and colleagues.  Using pleasantries like please, thank you, excuse me, you’re welcome, I’m sorry and others are required to communicate politeness with native Western English speakers. Some Indian speakers of English may not be using these pleasantries […]

Meaning of “Ping” or “Ping Me”

It’s common to hear someone say “ping me when you’re free.” Have you wondered what “ping” means and where it originates from?  The meaning of ping or ping me: To send a quick, short message over a texting platform (SMS, Instant Messenger, Chat) used to check in, keep someone in the loop about something, or […]

Cold Email Tips and Sample Templates

To be clear, I do not endorse cut and paste e-mail templates. Learning how to write an effective email is an art form. And, while there is no one way that guarantees each and every cold email to get opened and responded to (if you have heard of this happening, let me know), we can […]

A Dozen Conversation Connectors in English

Do you ever feel your English is dry? The sentences you say seem disconnected or disjointed? Unable to connect your thoughts with phrases that continue the the conversation in a fluid way? 12 Phrases to Connect Thoughts While Speaking I’m not joking when I say  …and that goes for (……) as well  like i said…. […]

Speak Expressive English That Keeps Everyone Interested

“When I can’t see their expressions, I do not know how to respond.”     This is typically said to me when I ask my clients who work on virtual teams, “What is the most difficult thing you face when speaking with your American colleagues over the phone?”     Many of my India -based […]

Avoid Saying Ok and Yes to Communicate with Clarity

“Ok” and “yes” mean different things in different contexts and cultures. How can we avoid saying “ok” and “yes” to communicate with clarity?   Americans do not really know what Indians mean when they say ‘ok’ and ‘yes’ in conversation. When Americans hear ‘ok’ and ‘yes,’ they think the Indian team members are: Agreeing to […]

How to Use English so US Clients Understand with Ease

Do you ever feel that your English is not understood in the way you intend by your US counterparts and clients? Everyday in the status update call or stand up meeting, you share what you have been working on for the day, your blockers and what you will do tomorrow, yet, either your manager repeats […]

What does “Out of the Box” mean?

Some years ago I was taken by surprise when asked “What does ‘out of the box’ mean?” during the course Business English Seminar. Initially, I thought this phrase only had one meaning. I am happy to say that I was mistaken! What does “Out of the Box” mean?   Meaning 1: No Changes, Can Be […]

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