Make Email Writing Easy – For Non-Native Speakers

Posted On: July 30, 2021

“I’m alright when I speak, but I am afraid to write in an email. It may not look good, it may not influence my reader. I can’t convince him or her in writing. My email probably has grammar problems… (the list goes on)… How can I make email writing easy?”


Why is email writing so difficult?

By turning the statement “make email writing easy” on its head (upside down or the opposite), many may wonder why email writing is so difficult?


While we predominantly work with non-native English speakers, we know that native English speakers ask the same question. In fact, I (author of this post) attended an email writing course in the US in 2017. When the facilitator asked the 30 participants who had ever attended an email writing course, I was the only one who had. 


This is PRECISELY why email writing is so difficult- most of us NEVER learn it.


We just wing it – or do what we think is right or do what others do, or do what Google tells us to (shhhhh….).


A few more reasons that non-native English speakers said they find email writing challenging are:

      • the propensity to overthink when writing, but not when speaking
      • an inability to know the tone of the writing, or how the reader will interpret the tone
      • never being told about the dos and don’ts, what words to use or avoid in business email writing
      • not knowing how business writing is different the writing that we learned in school (or is it?)
      • there is no one really talking about writing so that we can identify areas to improve


But, what does that mean for those who have attended our email writing course?


Learning a simple email format saved me a LOT of time 

“I never imagined that by changing my emailing skills I could save time in getting work done.

I used to often get frustrated as my U.S. colleague was not answering my emails or turning in work on time. Because of this, my work was delayed as well. This naturally led to frequent escalations. As I did not have the confidence in my writing to handle these escalations on my own, my manager had to sort out the issue. I never realized that changing a few simple approaches to writing email subject lines, using a few American English words, and making small talk in emails would be so helpful. Within a month of applying Jennifer’s tips, my manager received about 75% less escalation requests from me, making it possible for him to spend his time on more productive work.

I have now gained confidence in handling many challenging situations with my colleagues via email helping us improve our workflow. I take more initiative and get more work completed on time now!”

~Global Team Member at EY, Kochi, India 


Ways Writers Like You Shifted from Thinking Email Writing is Difficult to Thinking Email Writing is Easy


“This training helped my team members to write with more clarity and purpose.” 

~Bangalore based financial team lead


If you have ever wondered, “How can I use English in emails to build relationships with US coworkers?” a software engineer with 15 years of experience who took our course said….

“Now I am able to write emails with American style pleasantries and not come across so terse. I have been able to build better relationships with my US counterparts because of the coaching.” Bangalore Based Financial Analyst


If you have ever wondered, “Is it possible to learn how to edit my own emails, especially as a non-native speaker?” a software engineer with 15 years of experience who took our course said….

“I am now more confident in writing and editing emails. The sessions covered vocabulary, synonyms, the importance of active voice, articles, punctuation, editing skills, and how to rewrite sentences and paragraphs. Implementing these skills has improved clarity and response times with our distribution partners, improving relationships. In addition to implementing the email strategies, I am also able to now mentor my employees on the same.”
~ Nishanth, Logistics Manager, Kochi~UST Global Participant, India


If you have ever wondered, “How do you write with a simple email format?” a software engineer with 15 years of experience who took our course said…. 

“I’ve learned to get the attention of my US client through catchy subject lines and to-the-point emails.”  ~Software Engineer with 15 years of experience



How Can I Improve My Email Writing?

We can help you achieve these results as well! Our online email writing is tailored to IT professionals working outside of the US using English as a non-native speaker. It may be one of the best email writing training programs for those in the IT industry. We have already delivered it 2,000 software professionals of all career levels. This program constantly evolves. Just like your software release, we continually iterate this course (sometimes LIVE while teaching it) to make it more practical for you. We aim to provide a living program that helps you write better emails TODAY in the reality you live and work in. 


In addition to teaching you an easy email writing format and self-editing tips, we also teach you cultural tips to build relationships with your US counterparts. 


Improve email writing as a non-native English speaker

Improve email writing as a non-native English speaker

Look at our course outline or get in touch so that we can help you to make your ideal outcome easy to achieve as well! We provide self-paced asynchronous learning, 1:1 or group/team coaching, or live sessions.


An easy step that anyone can take to get out of their comfort zone. I’m taking a copywriting course – as a native speaker – and as a facilitator of an email writing course! This helps me to help all my clients – just like you – better, too!!


Keep going forward and remember, we are all in this together!


Get in touch with us for 1:1 personalized coaching, coaching for your team or company to take your communication to the next level!  


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