We Liked the Flipped Classroom!

Posted On: June 1, 2022

It was so exciting to hearing learners say, “We liked the flipped classroom!” I take a lot effort in intentionally designing the learning experiences so that participants spend more time learning from each other than learning from me. Listen to what the learners shared in addition to saying,”We liked the flipped clasroom.”

Read more about how we define and facilitate learning in a flipped classroom.



Speaker1: We are at the last session for this program, I’d really like to say a big thank you to everyone. It’s been such an amazing experience to interact with you over these ten weeks and just get to see you try new things and learn new things and just, you know… really be awesome. Everyone learned new things and blossomed in their own way. So it was really incredible for me to see that and I’m just happy to be a part of this experience. So as we come to a close with this program, I would just like to ask if anyone would like to share their feedback, anything they liked about the program, they really got out of the program, they remember about the program.


We improved on small talk, email writing and presentation skills

Speaker2: Hi, Jennifer. Hi. Yeah. First of all, We’d all like to thank you for this amazing learning experience. You also enjoyed a lot. We’re going to see. Then for the feedback we’ve discussed about it and we think we have improved on a lot of fronts like small talk, email writing, and presentation skills, group work and collaboration. We all interacted with each other more and got to know each other better so that also has improved a lot.

And overall it just helped us tremendously with our job like we are able to do demos for the client better. So then interact with the clients more and also interact with our teammates in the office. Now that we’ve come to the office, it has become a lot easier due to these training sessions. And the best thing about this program, we all think that it was less theoretical and more hands-on with the activities and tasks and we all got to learn from that.


We liked the flipped classroom!

So this is the first time we are experiencing something like flipped class. I still believe that the first session we had in which Jennifer shared some ideas about flipped class, we all were so much excited about being part of this flipped class and learning some new skills. So what I like the most is the tasks and group activities which really helped us [I believe] in conversational skills and also uplifting our confidence in public speaking skills. Yeah, there is a lot to talk about, but we have a limited window, so I would like to like to hand over the mic to other team members.


The Breakout Rooms, Cross-Cultural Learning, and Calendar Invites helped us

Speaker3: Like Vishnu said, I want to add that the breakout room was very helpful. Like how to communicate when you are in a group that so the group work was there. So also we are we also gained some insight about how to speak when we worked across cultures. So the other part I like is the goal setting. In the initial (session), there is a goal we had to set. And there is also there’s an end session goal how you met that if you met it or not. So it’s a nice way to learn whether you achieved it or not. And also the (calendar) invitation setting. That’s also new to me. That’s very informative. Thank you for the time. Thank you.



I gained speaking, writing and presenting in English

Speaker3: Yeah. All of those like that. Also, I also improved a lot. For some time I was not speaking English, so I was very confused and I was very scared to speak. I feared I will be stuck in the middle and what to do. So like that. So I had support to overcome those things and somewhat confident in myself that I could… I can speak English very well like that. So that’s really helpful. And I can start over by through constant practice, I can really improve my English and also the email writing skills, small talk, conversational skills, presentation skills, group activities. All those things were really helpful. Some new, some small things also very really new and it’s really helpful for our work. So thank you. Thank you for this.


I improved my attitude

Speaker4: Hi. Hi, Jennifer. Hello. I’m really happy to say this. We all have enjoyed these session very well. So through this I also say that I can improve my attitude also because before this session I am very shy and I will always [hesistate] to speak something like this. So nowadays I can meet with clients with without any kind of lack and easily say my works and activities very fluently. The activities like team collaboration, email writing and presentations are really helpful to me. And also, thank you for your time. And yes, that’s from my side.


I liked learning with the group

Speaker5: Hi, Jennifer. This is my first session for English. It’s a great experience for me. I like this activity. In these group activities, we learn more about conversation and presentation skills and more about the email writing. It’s really helpful for us and most of thing for the the session will be happened at the exact time. [We] will be really happy for that. And also we have a limitation for time for our other project and areas in there. It always is good and all the members are we like say to like in the same thing I want to repeat. So that’s why I’m not going [to] go for that. And, this session has been [good] thank you for your time and your patience also.



Speaker1: Great. And as I wrap up this feedback session, of course, it was great not only to interact with you here in this session, of course, through email, but our WhatsApp group and I know many of you had questions and thoughts and you shared with me in between sessions and some of you shared voice messages, and we actually had conversations over WhatsApp. So that was actually pretty fun too.

And I actually have to say, and I’m very happy to say this, you outshined me in presenting your feedback when those who go through the program with me actually end on a higher note than me. I know I’ve done a great service to you. I’m here to help you shine and bring out your best. And I hope you feel that way, too. I’m really happy for you. I’m really proud of all of you going through the sessions with me and I know we will meet again. So thank you so much for being part of the program.


What is the flipped classroom at Authentic Journeys?

I will write about this in detail soon. I will link the blog here.


Jennifer Kumar is a facilitator, coach, and trainer that specializes in helping global professionals to speak confidently and show up with executive and leadership presence when working in cross-cultural, global and virtual environments. Contact her for more information.


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