Phrases for Group Discussions and Client Meetings

Knowing and understanding how to use phrases for group discussion, team, and client meetings boosts your confidence as a global professional using English as a non-native speaker with native speakers. Using such phrases helps improve the flow and relatability of the conversation, making it sound more native and natural-sounding. In addition, your global native-English speaking […]

Idioms for “Hurry and Finish” with Sample Sentences

Getting things done on time or before the deadline is one way to impress Americans. Therefore, you may hear US Americans use a lot of different idioms for “hurry and finish.” Let’s take a look at some of the idioms for “hurry and finish” along with synonyms of the phrase as well as sample sentences […]

Spring Forward: Idioms, Conversation Starters, Scheduling Changes

What is Spring Forward? Spring forward is a phrase that refers to daylight saving time (DST) in the spring in the northern hemisphere. In the US and Canada, daylight saving time will happen every year, the second Sunday of March at 2am (2022- March 13, 2am local time).   During this time period, many local […]

A Dozen Conversation Connectors in English

Do you ever feel your English is dry? The sentences you say seem disconnected or disjointed? Unable to connect your thoughts with phrases that continue the the conversation in a fluid way? 12 Phrases to Connect Thoughts While Speaking I’m not joking when I say  …and that goes for (……) as well  like i said…. […]

Do NOT Say or Write This to US Clients

Of all the questions I ever get asked, this is probably the most common: What should I never say to US clients? While there are surely things NOT to say… …. there is never a one size fits all solution or list for all groups (depending on role and part of India, the English is […]

What does “Out of the Box” mean?

Some years ago I was taken by surprise when asked “What does ‘out of the box’ mean?” during the course Business English Seminar. Initially, I thought this phrase only had one meaning. I am happy to say that I was mistaken! What does “Out of the Box” mean?   Meaning 1: No Changes, Can Be […]

What Does ‘Turn Down’ Mean?

What does “turn down” mean? Today I heard someone say, “I was turned down some 40 times before I was hired at this company!” I did not understand what “turned down” meant!  Help me understand this American English idiom! This was said by a person who applied for 40 different positions at the same company […]

Sample Emails to Decline Party Invites

Expats adjusting to life in the US often ask us to help them write sample emails to decline party invites or invites for other social functions. While they are honored to be asked, in some cases, they are receiving too many invites or they have a conflict in their schedule that prevents them from attending […]

Synonyms for Delayed

Are you guilty of using or overusing the following types of sentences? “Sorry for the delayed response.”  “I missed the mail, hence the delay.”  “The P.O. has been approved. It was because of the holiday [in Bangalore] that the payment got delayed.”    The word ‘delay’ is commonly used in business communication in Kerala, India. […]

How did it go? – When to Ask, How to Answer

What does this question, “How did it go?” mean and how to answer this common question will be tackled here. In case you want more information, see this post from 2013.  Meaning of “How did it go?” In this question, “it” refers to some event or moment in time that was discussed earlier in the […]

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