Slang Terms to Refer to Money in the USA

Paper money in the US can be referred to by a lot of words that don’t sound anything like the word money. Below are a few words, idiomatic or slang terms to refer to money in the USA.  Word list of Slang or Idioms Meaning Money in the USA Bacon Sample Sentence: “He brings home […]

Fill Out vs Fill Up

“Fill up the form.” The phrase “fill up” is used in Indian English to describe the process of completing a form or writing something. However, in comparing Indian English to American English, in the US, we ‘fill up’ our gas tank (not petrol), or ‘fill up our cup’. In the US, ‘fill up’ is typically […]

Put Our Heads Together – Idioms at Work

Let’s put our heads together to solve this problem! “Let’s put our heads together to think of some good ideas for our new project!”  “Putting our heads together” means to “brainstorm” or think of new ideas or solutions with one or more people. Typically, when said in the office, it is a positive way to […]

Shooting the Breeze – Small Talk Idioms

In an earlier post, I shared idioms about talking. One of the idioms was “shoot the breeze.” “Shooting the breeze” is an idiom that actually means making small talk. Listen to Andrea from Study with Andrea shares her tip on this idiom. Following the video, let’s look at two examples of using this idiom.    […]

Small Talk Idioms – “On the Rocks”

Understanding idioms used in business discussions is important. Possibly, more important is understanding idioms or phrases used in casual discussions in the break room, in transit, or during lunch. In this series, I’ll share some idiom tutorials by Andrea of Study with Andrea. Today’s idiom is “On The Rocks.” It has two meanings. Take a […]

Basketball Idioms & March Madness

In today’s post, Matt Wade answers some questions about basketball and March Madness, especially for those who are new to the game and the country.  1. Are there any idioms or phrases people used related to basketball?  “Seed”  The tournament brackets consist of 4 groupings. The seeding in each bracket is 1 – 16, with […]

Phrases Used in American Restaurants

From the greetings to the conclusion of your visit to ordinary restaurants in the US, you may hear some words or phrases that are new to you. Let’s look at a few of those statements, phrases, idioms and questions.  In Fast Food Restaurants   “For here or to go?”  If you go inside a fast food […]

“Read Between the Lines” Meaning of Idioms

Though Americans are known for being direct and getting to the point, there are times when Americans talk vaguely or answer indirectly. In such cases, it’s important for you to ‘read between the lines’ to make educated guesses on what they are actually talking about. Remember, though if you do make an assumption in such […]

Meaning of the Idiom All Over the Place

The client told us that the meeting was “all over the place”. Is this a good thing? What is the meaning of the idiom “all over the place?” Typically, this is not a compliment. When an American (or an English speaking Westerner) would say something is ‘all over the place’, they are communicating that they […]

Back to the Drawing Board – Idioms in American English

Let’s say you are on a call with your US counterpart. You and your counterpart are planning how to add features into the website, but after trail and error, it’s not working out. Your US counterpart could respond, “Well, though we’ve tried a lot of things, it looks like we will have to go back […]

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