Phrases To End a Meeting (English for Global Professionals)

Ending the call without saying goodbye is a cultural faux pas we all know to avoid especially with US customers or clients.    Keeping that in mind, what do we do when we have finished talking about all the business aspects of a call?    How can we wrap up the critical elements of the […]

“Thanks a Lot” – Avoid Saying It, How to Respond to It

Saying Thank You is important to Americans. When saying it the right way, you can never go wrong. Not saying or saying it in the wrong way, however, can cause problems, whether with business associates, friends or near and dear.  While there are many ways to appropriately say “thank you,” the phrases “thanks a lot” […]

MIA – Meaning in a Corporate Context

What does MIA mean? How is it used in a corporate environment?  MIA is actually a military abbreviation that means Missing In Action. In terms of military conversations, MIA is something no service person would want to happen to them. While this acronym can conjure up intense emotions for service personnel, in a work environment, […]

US Idioms to End a Meeting and Implications (Podcast)

It would be common to hear American clients use idioms to end a meeting. Let’s take a look at some of these idioms, their meanings and their implications to a conversation.   “By the looks of it, we will have to pick up tomorrow where we left off.” An American could surely end a meeting […]

Techie Words Explained in English Anyone Can Understand

Are you a developer who gets stuck when trying to talk about technical concepts with non-technical clients? Maybe you have relied on others to take over these conversations? We are here to help! This posts starts the exploration of techie words explained in English. (There is a more exhaustive list of more advanced words dev […]

Phrases to Use When You Forget What You’re Talking About

We’ve all had those moments… where out of the blue while talking our mind just goes blank and you forget what you are talking about?   Have you ever started talking, and in the middle of your sentence forgot what you were saying?  Don’t worry, it doesn’t just happen to you. You are not alone. It […]

Regional Conversation Starters in the USA

In our program, Buidling Trust and Good Relationships with US Americans, you learn the three kinds of small talk that Americans use at work. While those guidelines tend to be quite standardized across the USA, there are also regional conversation starters in the USA that may apply to professional or casual situations.   A few […]

8 American English Idioms Meaning “To Be Direct”

The following phrases or idioms mean to be direct or frank:  Call a spade a spade.  Come clean.  Don’t beat around the bush.  Get down to brass tacks.  Let the chips fall where they may.  Put all your cards on the table.  Tell it like it is.  Cut to the chase.  Video tutorials of select […]

A Walk in the Park – American Idioms Podcast

“Well, finishing that job was like a walk in the park!” Sounds good to me!   How did it go? “That was pretty laborious, it was no walk in the park!”   If you’ve ever wondered what the idiom ‘walk in the park means,’ listen to the podcast below.   Enjoy!      Related Posts:   […]

10 American English Idioms Used at Work

The below list highlights a small subset of idioms that could be used at workplaces in the USA.  Go Into Battle  Some may also say ‘This office is a battle zone.’ People use this when they are confronted with a new job, a series of familiar tasks that are overwhelming, or parts of a task […]

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