“At Your Earliest Convenience” Yay or Nay?

The use of “at your earliest convenience” is often used in professional emails in some business cultures. What type of response may you get while working with US Americans when using “at your earliest convenience?” Well, this phrase, while it can sound polite, is not specific, so it can also be read as “whenever I […]

10 Ways To Thank on Social Media

Are you managing your company’s social media page?      Do you want different ways to thank on social media or show appreciation to your followers; those who like, view, comment, and share your posts without saying the overused thank you?     Generally, readers of our blog have companies or teams in the US […]

CEFR: Self-Analyze Your English Language Skills

One of the ways we track your progress through our coaching and training programs is through the use of the CEFR self-assessment tool. Take a look at the video below to help you understand how to use this tool to assess your language skills.      How can I use the CEFR to analyze my […]

Small Talk in American Offices

Do you work with US Americans and wonder what are the dos and don’ts of making small talk in American offices?    Do you work with US Clients?   Would you like to know best practices in…  Building Trust and Good Relationships with US Clients Learn easy strategies for making small talk in American offices […]

Software Development Terms in Ordinary English

This glossary of Software Development Terms in Ordinary English is a work in progress. As I post this in September 2020, I have a list of over 130 words and phrases used by techies in daily conversations at work (with only about 1/3 defined). As I know there are plenty of people like me out there […]

Politely Say No to US Clients

Have you ever been in a situation where you were in a conversation with a US client and needed to say no, but instead did not say anything because you did not know how to politely say no or push back? Well, today I am going to teach you a few formulas and phrases you can […]

I Don’t Ask Others To Repeat Anymore!

“7 hours of your classes helped me improve my English much more than I have ever could have expected. I don’t ask others to repeat anymore!”    Today when I asked the student I have been giving 1 to 1 English classes to for the last three weeks “How have you been progressing on the […]

Writing Easy to Read Emails (Video Tutorials)

“Jennifer, when you taught my team how to write easy to read emails, it decreased my management intervention in email communication by 75%! I could then use this time to more effectively manage the project and do other critical tasks. Thank you!”   How can make my emails easier to read? Learning to write effective […]

Examples of How to Use English to Build Credibility with US Clients

“His American client doesn’t think he takes initiative or ownership, but he does all of his work!”   This is a typical complaint many clients and their managers bring to me to resolve during coaching sessions. Though many behaviors and communication tactics can be used to demonstrate initiative and ownership, I will isolate one commonly seen […]

A Dozen Conversation Connectors in English

Do you ever feel your English is dry? The sentences you say seem disconnected or disjointed? Unable to connect your thoughts with phrases that continue the the conversation in a fluid way? 12 Phrases to Connect Thoughts While Speaking I’m not joking when I say  …and that goes for (……) as well  like i said…. […]

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