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Posted On: August 5, 2021

Would you like to support the education of Telugu language and culture (run4telugu) in the US – virtually from anywhere in the world? 


All are welcome to participate in a free, virtual event called Run4Telugu, organized by Silicon Andhra in conjunction with ManaBadi, the arm of the organization that promotes Telugu language and culture to children of parents who hail from the Andhra Pradesh and Telangana regions of India. 



Jennifer Kumar, the Managing Director of Authentic Journeys, will be joining in this effort on August 7, 2021, and hopes you will, too! (Due to the wildfire smoke and unhealthy air conditions in Salt Lake City on August 7, she participated on August 14. See below!) 


See video on YouTube


You may wonder why Jennifer is interested to help out and support the cause. Besides being tied to India for the last 20 plus years (including living in the country for 10 years and being married to someone from India), Jennifer is good friends with Gautam Kasturi. Gautam is a part of the “ManaBadi Core Team”, which is a group of key folks from each of the ManaBadi regions across the US. Being the Regional Coordinator for Dallas (similar to a School District Superintendent), he oversees over about 1000 students, 125 teachers in the Dallas area. (What an amazing position to hold!) 



Due to this connection, she is eager to support the cause and the awareness of Telugu culture in the US, especially among the younger generation who can be the next in line to keep the traditions alive.


(Note the remaining text in this blog was provided from Gautam and the organization hosting this incredible initiative and event.) 



How to Participate in Run4Telugu 

Silicanandhra Manapadi has successfully conducted the Run4Telugu program for Telugu for the past few years! In view of some special circumstances this year, this event is bringing you easy participation virtually from your home right in the area! With the help of the Strava app or online directly (via Google Form), you can easily enter the miles you’ve run or walked! Come let’s all participate in this event! Let’s walk together for the language! Service to language is service to future generations! 



Day & Date: Saturday, Aug 7, 2021

Time: At any time on that date (your local time is applicable)


All you have to do is:


1. Register for the Telugu run program    

2. Download the Strava App 

3. Join the “Run4Telugu club” on Strava 


Run4Telugu on Strava

Run for Telugu on Strava


4. Before you run/walk on the day (Aug 7th, 2021)

    a. Open the Strava App

    b. Click on Shoe Symbol, Choose Run

    c. “Start the record” button 

         Please keep the app open and do not exit the app till you finish the Run/Walk.


5. Run / Walk for 1 K / 3 K / 5 K (1 to 5 kilometers distance, as per your wish)


6. Click the “Finish” button once you are done and “Save” the activity.

    Your miles will automatically be logged on Strava App and visible to Club members. 


That’s all! Simple!


Alternatively (without using Strava App):


1. Register your name immediately to participate in the Telugu run program


2. Please log your miles 


Please share your pictures/videos to


That’s all! Thank you!



How to use Strava (Tutorial Video)


About Silicon India and ManaBadi

Silicon Andhra is a non-profit organization established in 2001, with the goal of maintaining and perpetuating the Telugu Samskruti (Culture), Sahityam (Literature) and Sampradayam (Tradition) among the global Telugu diaspora. 


Telugu is a language spoken predominantly in the South Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. It has a rich history of 2000+ years with a vast treasure of literature including poetry, dance ballets, songs, novels, theatrical performances etc. It is estimated that there are 80+ million Telugu speakers globally, of which nearly 500,000 live in the USA.


ManaBadi was launched in 2007 by SiliconAndhra, with the objective of teaching Telugu to the children of the diaspora. Today, ManaBadi has 10,000+ students and 2500 volunteers across 35 states in the US as well as 12 nations across the globe.


ManaBadi conducts weekly classes for students where they learn to read, write, understand and speak Telugu. Additionally, ManaBadi creates avenues for students to learn Telugu through extra-curricular activities like cultural performance shows, radio programs, games competitions, picnics, health meets etc. where they meet and interact with other Telugu people. 


As part of such activities, ManaBadi conducts Run4Telugu to create awareness about the important of health and fitness among Telugus, while creating opportunities for people in the community to know about ManaBadi and its activities (including Telugu language and culture), so we can spread the wealth of our language to more and more Telugus. To learn more about ManaBadi and its activities, visit:


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Cover Telugu Image used with permission


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