Challenge Every Thought, Free Your Time & Mind

Challenge every thought. Every. Single. Thought. Are your thoughts true and can you turn them around?   Katie Byron’s life work “The Four Questions and Turn Around” talks to just this.   In a talk co-hosted by Wayne Dyer, she said, “We will be confused as long as we believe our own thoughts.” This struck […]

Singles Awareness Day – February 15

One may wonder why we are talking about Single’s Awareness Day on a business and corporate coaching blog. We are all humans with feelings, needs, and desires. Because of this regardless of the holiday, we all need to prioritize self-care.   This may be a more important day than Valentine’s Day. Why?   Well, besides […]

How can I not take it personally when someone hurts my feelings?

“I admire Americans because they can criticize each other’s work, and not take it personally because the next day still work together and go out to lunch together.” This was something an Indian executive exclaimed when I asked the team, “What do you like about American work culture?”   Learning to not get a broken […]

A Cross-Cultural Approach to Learning and Teaching

Just as many professionals buy into a myth that ‘since we are all professionals, there are no cultural differences,’ many international students or even corporate learners and trainers working across cultures may believe that learning and teaching or facilitating has a global flavor. I can tell you from the experience of being a US expat […]

How Do You Want To Be Remembered by Clients, Customers or Colleagues?

Did you know keeping your clients or customers happy is as simple as an acknowledgment? It also never hurts to acknowledge and thank your colleagues who help you and work with you side by side everyday.   Often, we get caught up in our day to day work, things either become routine and we forget […]

Personal Space in US Offices (Cross-Cultural Example)

When looking for examples of cross-cultural empathy, there’s no need to look too far away when you have friends from different countries or friends that travel to foreign sites for work. When my Indian friend returned to India after three months of living and working in the U.S.A., I learned from an Indian’s viewpoint some […]

Working In India as a Foreigner

Living abroad can fill us with a myriad of emotions- anything from excitement to paralyzing fear! Expats or international assignees know what I am talking about. In this post, I’d like to share five things to love and hate about working in India as a foreigner.   5 Things I Miss and that Confuse Me About […]

Steradian Trail Book Review

I’d like to introduce you to my long time friend MN Krish. I would like to share with you the Steradian Trail book review. This is a book that was written by my friend. Let’s dive in!  If you are looking for a gripping novel featuring a foreigner experiencing India, a thrilling pageturner that reads […]

Raycast Technologies: Education Through Games

In this installment of the Infopark Startup Series, meet Abhishek, the the CEO of Raycast Technologies.   Abhishek Mohan K, pictured to the right, is the CEO of Raycast Technologies, located in the Kochi InfoPark. In 2013, Abhishek resigned from his job in the Ministry of Education, Maldives, to start this company. Jennifer: Thank you […]

Motivation Across Cultures: Same Value – Different Approach

All cultures have values which are common to the people in that culture. Many cultures have similar values so, some argue that there is no need to learn ‘Indian cultural values’ or ‘American cultural values.’ While we may not need to know that people in both of these cultures hold ‘truth’ and ‘honesty’ as a […]

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