Get Ready for the Demo

Wow US Clients During Demos & Sales Presentations Do you sell to or work with US clients from India?  Are you wondering why they are not connecting with you the way you anticipate?  Do you know you have a good product or service, but feel the US prospect doesn’t get the message the way you present it […]

Tackle Challenging Project Conversations with US Clients with Ease

Are you part of an IT or software development team that is struggling to have conversations with US clients about extending deadlines, adding or removing features from a project or any change in the scope of the project? I’d imagine almost every offshore development team has encountered this problem, and wondered how to tackle challenging project […]

Convince US Clients With Ease

How can we convince our US clients about project deliverables and change requests? This is a very common question asked by many teams we have coached in India.   If Americans love to save two things, those are time and money. To negotiate and to convince an American is to appeal to their love of saving […]

Negotiate Change Requests Persuasively

,When talking about negotiation on software teams, often we are referring to how to handle ‘change requests.’ Let’s look at a few strategies you could consider using when a client is asking to add a feature to a website or an app which was not in the original project scope. In the video below, Derek […]

Lessons on Giving Feedback and Motivation to Teams in India

I was taken aback when a manager in India shared this strategy on feedback and motivation with me: “Training our employees like that won’t work. You have to be more strict with them. If they make a mistake, point it out! Point out their faults publicly to make them ashamed so they will improve.”  Certainly, […]

How to Push Back with Americans

You desperately want to say no, or push back, but know that being too direct, even with Americans is not the right approach. Many times you have been at a loss for what to say when the client or onsite US counterpart is asking for something you know is hard to do. While at times […]

Avoid Saying Ok and Yes to Communicate with Clarity

“Ok” and “yes” mean different things in different contexts and cultures. How can we avoid saying “ok” and “yes” to communicate with clarity?   Americans do not really know what Indians mean when they say ‘ok’ and ‘yes’ in conversation. When Americans hear ‘ok’ and ‘yes,’ they think the Indian team members are: Agreeing to […]

Avoid saying this when upset with Americans

“Why are you always late to the weekly meeting?”  “Why won’t you help Paul?”  How would you feel if your manager or boss asked you these questions? Well, firstly, no one would want these questions to be asked to them because they have a tone of irresponsibility. But, in addition to that, answering these questions […]

Handle Difficult Customers on Support Calls With Ease

Welcome Irate or Emotional Customer Care Calls With These Tips  Do you provide tech support or solve customer problems over the phone? It’s quite likely at some point you will need to handle difficult customers on support calls. Below are a few tips that can help you provide excellent customer service to callers who are […]

Politely Tell Someone They Are Wrong (In English)

We often avoid situations or conversations where we either have to deliver or receive what is considered ‘bad’ news. Did you know there’s a way to politely tell someone they are wrong?   Is this true for you?  It sure has been true in my life, and for those I coach. I have coached managers […]

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