Respond with Intention Instead of Reacting

Have you ever wished you had been able to respond with intention instead of reacting? We have all been there – it leaves you with a feeling of dis-ease hours later that you just kick yourself for and wish you had handled that interaction with more thoughtfulness. Sometimes working across cultures or as an expat […]

How to Deal with an Egotistical Person

Quite frankly I strongly dislike the title “How to deal with an egotistical person,” but I know this is what people search for.   Also, this gives me a good opportunity to open this blog with why I don’t resonate with the wording as a good segue into the actual article. I have always abhorred […]

10 Solution Focused Coaching Questions For Dev Teams

It’s time to do some team introspection with these 10 Solution Focused coaching questions for dev teams.   Speaking up is a team effort. While we may want to focus on only the quiet ones and put the onus on them to talk, that typically gets them to clam up even more. And, as we […]

Managing Client Expectations: Coaching Program

Schedule: Managing Client Expectations is a 17-week course. Up to 8 Participants meet every alternate week (1.5 hours) for 6-9 sessions. Location: Online Meeting Room Facilitator: Jennifer Kumar   Goal of the Course This course, Managing Client Expectations, brings your development team’s leadership and consulting skills to the forefront. Participants who complete this program significantly […]

Accent Reduction for Native Speakers

“But…” says the native speaker…..”my colleague is fluent in “my” language, so we are speaking the same language.”    But, are we, really?    Is American English the same as UK English? Is Indian English the same as Filipino English? Or, is the English spoken in Ghana or South Africa the same as the English spoken in New […]

Improving Your Online Home Office Presence – Webinar

Back in May, Jinesh Narayanankutty, Brent Edwards and I co-hosted a webinar, Improving Your Online Home Office Presence, to aid the transition into working from home during the Covid Lockdown with the express goal of giving people insight into how to stay visible with colleagues when not meeting them in a face to face environment. […]

Convince US Clients With Ease

How can we convince our US clients about project deliverables and change requests? This is a very common question asked by many teams we have coached in India.   If Americans love to save two things, those are time and money. To negotiate and to convince an American is to appeal to their love of saving […]

Encourage Indian Teams to Participate in Stand-up Meetings

Uncovering ways to encourage Indian teams to participate in standup meetings is one of the areas that we shine. One of the concerns some of those who work with Indians who are not familiar with India wonder is, “How fluent are Indians in English, and will they speak up during meetings?”    Teams I tend […]

Meeting Planning Over Email with Americans

While it is always easier to plan meetings in live conversations, now more than ever, meetings are getting planned through emails and other written forms of communication (IM, slack channels, etc). Due to this, it is good to know how meeting planning over email tends to happen with US Americans (if you don’t have access […]

Negotiate Change Requests Persuasively

,When talking about negotiation on software teams, often we are referring to how to handle ‘change requests.’ Let’s look at a few strategies you could consider using when a client is asking to add a feature to a website or an app which was not in the original project scope. In the video below, Derek […]

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