Working with US Clients – Program Feedback

Program Feedback from Our Sessions on Working with US Clients    See the video on Vimeo.   Video Transcript: It was nice to interact with Jennifer on the Q&A session. The session deals with how we can handle the clients during the business call. She’s having a bundle of practical tips and suggestions which we can […]

3 Reasons Why US Clients Ask Questions

[00:00:01] Asking questions in American culture is pretty common. For any of you who work with U.S. Americans from outside the U.S., you might be wondering about this.   Why do US Clients ask us so many questions?  Listen to the video below or read the text below the video.   When American clients ask […]

Building Trust & Good Relationships with US Clients

Is your software team based in India? (Or outside of the US?)    Do you work with US Clients from offshore or as an expat in the US? Are you looking for tips and strategies for building trust & good relationships with US Clients?   If you are wondering how your team can better connect […]

Ways to Say Thank You or Acknowledge Someone

“You can never say thank you enough!” When anyone asks me what is the #1 tip they can apply today in communicating and relationship building with their US counterpart, this is my answer. Saying “Thank You” is important in American culture. Thank yous can be used when someone does something nice for you or simply […]

6 Small Talk Conversation Starters

Having a few small talk conversation starters in your back pocket (handy to use) is really important. It is what opens doors of conversation, business dealings, and future friendships. But what is small talk? When do you use small talk? Why is it used by Americans? What are some safe topics to bring up?    […]

Meeting Planning Over Email with Americans

While it is always easier to plan meetings in live conversations, now more than ever, meetings are getting planned through emails and other written forms of communication (IM, slack channels, etc). Due to this, it is good to know how meeting planning over email tends to happen with US Americans (if you don’t have access […]

Examples of How to Use English to Build Credibility with US Clients

“His American client doesn’t think he takes initiative or ownership, but he does all of his work!”   This is a typical complaint many clients and their managers bring to me to resolve during coaching sessions. Though many behaviors and communication tactics can be used to demonstrate initiative and ownership, I will isolate one commonly seen […]

He hired a culture trainer for his team in India

Harikrishnan K, CEO of Advenser in Kochi, India was pleased when he hired a culture trainer for his team in India.   We hired Jennifer, a language and culture trainer, to give English accent training for some of our employees working on virtual teams. After few sessions, we realised accent training is was just the […]

21 Ways To Impress American Clients

After attending the U.S. business culture training – Virtual Meetings that Impress American Clients & Get Work Done or Managing Client Relationships, participants noted these 21 ways they improved their client facing meeting skills.  Following the 21 pointers, take a look at the planning boards we use to conduct the sessions.    How To Build Better […]

Late to Meetings? What do Americans Think?

Being late to virtual meetings with U.S. clients or colleagues can mark the beginning of the end for many cross-border client building relationships.   But what does it mean to actually be late with Americans?    Let’s say a meeting starts at 11am – what time is too late to start the meeting?    In […]

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