Small Talk Improves Relationships with US Clients

Are you looking for a way to get in your client’s good graces?  Do you sit in your team in India and wonder why, though you have worked for months or even years with your US counterpart, but you still can’t seem to break through and handle the challenging conversations? Do you feel frustrated that […]

I Don’t Ask Others To Repeat Anymore!

“7 hours of your classes helped me improve my English much more than I have ever could have expected. I don’t ask others to repeat anymore!”    Today when I asked the student I have been giving 1 to 1 English classes to for the last three weeks “How have you been progressing on the […]

Coaching Case Study: Importance of Listening

Do you feel tongue-tied in English (as your second or other language)? I’d like to share a case study from a client (working professional in late 40s – Team Lead of a Dev Team) I was working with just today. This is AMAZING.   A Motivational Coaching Conversation with a Language Learner   Me (Coach): […]

Chronicle of Cross-Cultural Training Programs

Browse the Chronicle of Cross-Cultural Training Programs and Delegate Impressions  See more testimonials from attendees, CEOs, HR managers and others on our company LinkedIn profile or the Managing Director, Jennifer Kumar’s Personal LinkedIn Profile for additional details and updated information. If you like what you see or have questions, contact us for more information.   Cross-Cultural Leadership […]

A Cross-Cultural Approach to Learning and Teaching

Just as many professionals buy into a myth that ‘since we are all professionals, there are no cultural differences,’ many international students or even corporate learners and trainers working across cultures may believe that learning and teaching or facilitating has a global flavor. I can tell you from the experience of being a US expat […]

What is Covered in a Culture Training?

Everyday global professionals such as yourself read the Authentic Journeys’ blog wanting to improve confidence with their American colleagues. Although Authentic Journeys has trained over 3500 professionals in a wide range of business verticals, many still wonder what a cross-cultural training is like and what exactly is covered in the session. To continue this series […]

Adopting US Names on Offshore Teams

As a part of their client engagement contract, some offshore processes require their employees to “adopt a US-centric name.” While many may have experienced this with call centers, Authentic Journeys has also worked with Agile software teams who use “American names.” Whereas the call center customer experience is very short term (maybe only 5 minutes […]

The Importance of Requests Formed as Questions

Why an Indian Manager’s Requests Were Being Met with a Cold Shoulder Cross-cultural empathy can take different forms. What if you have to manage two teams and both have totally different communication and interactive patterns? I recently read an article about a Mexican managing Dutch colleagues and was reminded of a cross-cultural management seminar I had […]

US Culture Awareness Training in India

, fIn Between 2014 and 2018, Authentic Journeys provided US culture awareness training for Indians working for UST in Kochi, Trivandrum, Chennai, and Bangalore.  The US Cultural Awareness Training Program (USCAT) was created by Authentic Journeys in partnership with UST and its training affiliates readied the associates for their short and long-term business trips onsite […]

Cross-Cultural Training Success Stories

We have been creating cross-cultural training success stories since 2011. The case studies in this blog were collected between 2011-2016. For a chronicle of cross-cultural training success stories from 2011-present, see our Cross Cultural Training Programmes Track Record. Cross-Cultural Training Success Stories Success Story – Cabot Solutions:    Building a Convincing Professional Brand with Canadian […]

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