How to Rewrite Your Story

We all have stories. These stories shape our past, our NOW, and our future. When we are too attached to these stories, especially ones that don’t serve us or make us feel good, they can have residual effects over days, months, years or even decades.   So, is it possible to rewrite your story?   […]

We Liked the Flipped Classroom!

It was so exciting to hearing learners say, “We liked the flipped classroom!” I take a lot effort in intentionally designing the learning experiences so that participants spend more time learning from each other than learning from me. Listen to what the learners shared in addition to saying,”We liked the flipped clasroom.” Read more about […]

Building Effective Team Collaboration (Program Feedback)

I’m always so honored and blessed to be a part of someone’s life and career journey. In April of this year, we wrapped up a 10-week program with software professionals working on global teams from India. Listen to what they had to say about the program they attended- Business English Seminar.   Check out the […]

Training Feedback: Participants Share Their Experience

In 2021, we at Authentic Journeys had the immense pleasure of working with a team in India on cross-cultural work effectiveness. The video below is a compilation of the participant’s training feedback. Under the video you can see an edited transcript of the learnings the team had shared after attending this 15 hour/10-week program.   […]

Working with US Clients – Program Feedback

Program Feedback from Our Sessions on Working with US Clients    See the video on Vimeo.   Video Transcript: It was nice to interact with Jennifer on the Q&A session. The session deals with how we can handle the clients during the business call. She’s having a bundle of practical tips and suggestions which we can […]

Help me Have a Conversation with an American!

Meet Rakhesh, a typical Keralite who grew up studying in a Malayalam medium school, started using English while in college, and has been struggling for the past 30 years to have a conversation with an American. Read his profile, and listen to the video below for my suggested remedies which we applied in coaching sessions.  […]

Coaching Case Study: Importance of Listening

Do you feel tongue-tied in English (as your second or other language)? I’d like to share a case study from a client (working professional in late 40s – Team Lead of a Dev Team) I was working with just today. This is AMAZING.   A Motivational Coaching Conversation with a Language Learner   Me (Coach): […]

How can a cross-cultural business strategist help us?

Who gets help from a cross-cultural business strategist Answer: Since 2011, several categories of professionals have benefited from sessions with our cross-cultural and language experts at Authentic Journeys:   Virtual IT teams working across global boundaries. We help your teams communicate more effectively in daily StandUp meetings and in other interactions with clients and stakeholders in […]

Chronicle of Cross-Cultural Training Programs

Browse the Chronicle of Cross-Cultural Training Programs and Delegate Impressions  See more testimonials from attendees, CEOs, HR managers and others on our company LinkedIn profile or the Managing Director, Jennifer Kumar’s Personal LinkedIn Profile for additional details and updated information. If you like what you see or have questions, contact us for more information.   Cross-Cultural Leadership […]

He hired a culture trainer for his team in India

Harikrishnan K, CEO of Advenser in Kochi, India was pleased when he hired a culture trainer for his team in India.   We hired Jennifer, a language and culture trainer, to give English accent training for some of our employees working on virtual teams. After few sessions, we realised accent training is was just the […]

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