“At Your Earliest Convenience” Yay or Nay?

The use of “at your earliest convenience” is often used in professional emails in some business cultures. What type of response may you get while working with US Americans when using “at your earliest convenience?” Well, this phrase, while it can sound polite, is not specific, so it can also be read as “whenever I […]

3 Reasons Why US Clients Ask Questions

[00:00:01] Asking questions in American culture is pretty common. For any of you who work with U.S. Americans from outside the U.S., you might be wondering about this.   Why do US Clients ask us so many questions?  Listen to the video below or read the text below the video.   When American clients ask […]

Small Talk Improves Relationships with US Clients

Are you looking for a way to get in your client’s good graces?  Do you sit in your team in India and wonder why, though you have worked for months or even years with your US counterpart, but you still can’t seem to break through and handle the challenging conversations? Do you feel frustrated that […]

Ways to Say Thank You or Acknowledge Someone

“You can never say thank you enough!” When anyone asks me what is the #1 tip they can apply today in communicating and relationship building with their US counterpart, this is my answer. Saying “Thank You” is important in American culture. Thank yous can be used when someone does something nice for you or simply […]

6 Small Talk Conversation Starters

Having a few small talk conversation starters in your back pocket (handy to use) is really important. It is what opens doors of conversation, business dealings, and future friendships. But what is small talk? When do you use small talk? Why is it used by Americans? What are some safe topics to bring up?    […]

Speak Up in Meetings with US Counterparts

Does your team feel shy or reluctant to speak up during daily stand-up meetings, status update meetings or interactions with US counterparts?   Use some simple group discussion skills to enliven your meeting to encourage participation. Encourage Participation in Meetings With These Strategies Add the person’s name into the agenda As team members may find […]

Tips to Network at Conferences

. With over 20,000 attendees, almost 200 sponsors and probably another 100 speakers and panelists, the Silicon Slopes Tech Summit is ripe for networking. This is my second year in attendance. Amazingly I was able to recognize at least five people that I had met last year. Though I attended a few seminars, the main […]

Meeting Planning Over Email with Americans

While it is always easier to plan meetings in live conversations, now more than ever, meetings are getting planned through emails and other written forms of communication (IM, slack channels, etc). Due to this, it is good to know how meeting planning over email tends to happen with US Americans (if you don’t have access […]

How to Respond to “Thank You”

Saying and responding to Thank You is a MUST. It builds relationships and trust with US American clients and colleagues.  Using pleasantries like please, thank you, excuse me, you’re welcome, I’m sorry and others are required to communicate politeness with native Western English speakers. Some Indian speakers of English may not be using these pleasantries […]

What is the Super Bowl and How to Make Small Talk

Small talk about sports is common in American workplaces. Today, I ask Matt Wade a few questions about [American] football and the Super Bowl, which happens on the second Sunday every February.   Who is playing? Super Bowl 58- the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs.   Where is the big game taking […]

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