Software Development Terms in Ordinary English

This glossary of Software Development Terms in Ordinary English is a work in progress. As I post this in September 2020, I have a list of over 130 words and phrases used by techies in daily conversations at work (with only about 1/3 defined). As I know there are plenty of people like me out there […]

Tackle Challenging Project Conversations with US Clients with Ease

Are you part of an IT or software development team that is struggling to have conversations with US clients about extending deadlines, adding or removing features from a project or any change in the scope of the project? I’d imagine almost every offshore development team has encountered this problem, and wondered how to tackle challenging project […]

Politely Say No to US Clients

Have you ever been in a situation where you were in a conversation with a US client and needed to say no, but instead did not say anything because you did not know how to politely say no or push back? Well, today I am going to teach you a few formulas and phrases you can […]

Pronounce the American R – Tips & Videos

Learning to pronounce the American R sound is difficult for many English as second language speakers, especially from India. Today I met an enthusiastic lady who is saying it absolutely right! Interestingly, as her and I were comparing American English and Malayalam sound patterns, we realized there were some similarities between the Malayalam ഴ sound (zh) and […]

How are you holding up? – When to ask and how to answer

When times are stressful or life is challenging, especially during our #stayathome and lockdown times, people may ask each other “How are you holding up?” to start a conversation. Learn more about this question, how it compares to the small talk opener “How are you?” and how to answer it. [Transcript of the video follows.] […]

#stayathome Hashtag in Different Languages

As we are in quarantine or lockdown and some are using the hashtag stayathome (stay at home), I thought to post on Facebook to ask my friends to post this hash tag in different languages. So, this information is crowdsourced!! Apologize in advance for any mistakes as I am not fluent in any other language beside English […]

Podcast: Top 5 Pronunciation Tips for Virtual Meetings

  Top 5 Pronunciation Tips  Andrea: [00:00:10] Hello, everybody, and welcome to the English with Andrea podcast. I’m your English teacher, Andrea Giordano from study with Andrea dot com. And today we have a very special episode of the podcast because we have a special guest on the podcast today, Jennifer Kumar from Authentic Journeys […]

Everyone Gets Heard During StandUp Meetings

Have you ever struggled with having all the team members speak up during a standup? Ensuring everyone gets heard during standup meetings can be a harrowing task for many reasons.  Helping make virtual team meetings more productive Distributed teams attend stand up meetings by web conferencing, con-call or other online collaborative tools. These meetings can be attended […]

Labor Day Small Talk: Dos and Don’ts With US Counterparts

Where as most countries in the world commemorate Labour Day (UK Spelling) on May 1, we, in the US commemorate the day on the first Monday of September (In 2019, the date will be Sept. 2). While this day is not really used to historically commemorate the true meaning of the day anymore, many in […]

English Phrases for Client Demos and Meetings

Using conversational connectors and phrases for client demos makes them more interesting to your clients and participants (and yourself!). While it’s important to showcase your technical expertise, sticking only to the technical aspects can be dry and boring to your listeners, especially if they aren’t technical (like me!), but, even if they are technical.  Benefits […]

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