Meaning of “Sounds Good”

Posted On: June 12, 2015

What does “sounds good” mean?  

This is an idiom or a phrase. It cannot be taken literally. This is a typical phrase used in everyday conversations in the US (even casually, among friends and family). People use this phrase in response to something they agree with and that leaves them with a good feeling. This phrase may also suggest that a topic is open for more friendly banter or suggestions later.  

Saying ‘I agree’ is not always as casual or friendly as ‘sounds good’. This is something cultural and is hard to explain. Typically, ’I agree’ is a closed-ended phrase whereas ‘sounds good’ is open-ended. It gives the other person a chance to re-open the discussion at a later time, if needed.

What is the meaning of "sounds good?"

What is the meaning of “sounds good?”

Example (this is a real-life conversation):
Rick: Bob, the suggestions you gave at the meeting today about our project with our client, Sam Mead were fantastic. I will have some more inputs on this very soon.
Bob: Sounds good.

In some cases “sounds good” is a phrase that can be used to end a meeting. In that case, it means “thank you, it does sound good (literal), and talk with you in the next meeting.” 


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Chris Sufi is a freelance editor who lives in Bangalore, India. 

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