Tips for Moving to the USA

Posted On: May 5, 2015

Submitted by Doron Talegaonkar  

What are some ways I can adjust to my new life in the US a little easier?


    1. Talk slow and clear English. Accent doesn’t matter but be precise when you talk about or present anything.
    2. While going to a downtown area of any city in the evenings make sure you are with a group and stay together.
    3. Take an International Driving Permit letter from your local licensing RTO office. 
    4. Never call-up any American-based family especially on their home phone after 9.30pm unless absolutely necessary.
    5. Get used to eating lots of salads, sandwiches and soups.
    6. Is is always good to get a Wegmans / Walmart / Walgreens /Costco Shopping Discount card. They save a lot of money in the long-term. (The photo in this post is of keychain store savings tags.) 
  1. Always have a few quarters and dollar bills handy. These are extremely useful if you need to use toll roads, pay phones, laundry machines or during parking especially in downtown and other busy neighborhoods. Note that if you have to put coins in a parking meter, keep track of the time because in some towns if you park in that spot even one minute late, you could be issued a parking ticket starting from $25 depending on the town or city you are in. 
  2. Each city (or state) has its own traffic rules – for example compulsory rear seat passenger seat belts, no talking on the cellphone while driving (if you talk on the phone or text and get caught you may be heavily fined and/or get points on your license), speed limit in a school zone district and yielding to all emergency vehicles. No knowledge of these could lead to severe fines. Make sure to update yourself on the traffic rules and regulations.
Photo credits: Jennifer Kumar.

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