How Can a Cross-Cultural Leadership Coach Help You?

When do you need a cross-cultural leadership coach and business strategist?     Answer: Depends on the person and situation! Below are 15 reasons international-minded professionals such as you seek assistance from a cross-cultural leadership coach or a cross-cultural business strategist. This list is not exhaustive. I work with Americans, but am not a US […]

Articles on Cross-Cultural Business Topics

Looking to read some articles on cross-cultural business topics with high-ranked keywords? Look no further! Authentic Journeys Blog SEO Keyword Rankings  This page tallies results ONLY for May 2020.  (See July 2020 Updates)  Thank you everyone for your support over the years!    1. Keyword string: “daylight savings will i be late or early” This […]

He hired a culture trainer for his team in India

Harikrishnan K, CEO of Advenser in Kochi, India was pleased when he hired a culture trainer for his team in India.   We hired Jennifer, a language and culture trainer, to give English accent training for some of our employees working on virtual teams. After few sessions, we realised accent training is was just the […]

My US Colleague Does Not Answer The Phone – WHY?

I call my US colleague, but he does not answer the phone? Is he ignoring me? Why is it so hard to get a hold of him?   And, from what I hear, when many Indians get the voice mail, they just hang up. This is not always the best answer to the situation. Voice […]

Synonyms for ‘Horrible’ – Simple Ways to Expand English Vocabulary

That was such a horrible thing to say! “Horrible” could be a good word to use here, but what are some other synonyms for “horrible?” Do you want to expand your vocabulary? Try using synonyms to bring richness and variety into your spoken English. Here are some useful tips to help you use synonyms: Write […]

Business Coaching for Keralites and Indians

This post outlines some common questions that prospective clients to Authentic Journeys have about what we do, our coaching process and the outcomes.  Jennifer Debriefing a Con Call Role Play, Photo Credit Jennifer Kumar What are some examples successful training outcomes?  I will learn and apply American phone and email etiquette while handling routine as well as […]

Are you settled yet?

When moving abroad family, friends, new neighbors and perfect strangers will want to know if you’re feeling at home in your new home. One way of doing that- especially the Indian way is by asking, “Are you settled yet?”  I am unsure how to answer this question. For me, feeling settled is about more than […]

Do I Have Culture Shock?

Yes, culture shock is real.  For those who have ever moved away from home to a new environment and experienced any of the following symptoms, it’s likely you faced culture shock:  Social Symptoms Feeling lonely most of the time (even when around others) Over identifying or idealizing your native country or culture Inability to accept […]

Lost a Word? Synonyms to the Rescue!

Many people ask, “How do I improve my vocabulary?”   Naturally, we want express our thoughts in multiple ways to add clarity and crispness. Sometimes, the first word or sentence that comes to our minds does not convey the meaning that we want to convey or is not understood by the person we are talking […]

10 Ways to Make Life Easier in the U.S.

“Although I have traveled around the world with my family as a child, and even visited the U.S.A. several times before moving there to study, the visits did not prepare me for living and studying in the U.S.A. as a full time student.” says Vishal Eswar, who came to Rochester, NY in 2006 to study […]

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