When do Americans Eat Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner?

The mealtimes outlined in this post are somewhat typical for those who follow a ‘traditional’ schedule, who may have children that go to school, and those that may work day jobs (9am-5pm). Do note that there are many people or families who may not at all follow the schedule below, especially if they work odd […]

We Can Now Engage with Americans with Confidence

What strikes me most about Jennifer is her passion and focus. We worked together on a project for my client where she took extra care to understand the need, create a framework that would work in the time we had, and build trust and a comfort level with the group. I found they were relaxed […]

4 Ways to Impress American Customers

The tips presented in this article will help in interacting with American customers. Many tips can be given as Americans have a particular mindset which can cause misunderstandings to those not familiar with the culture.     4 Strategies to Make US Customers or Clients Thrilled With Your Service  1. Tell the customer about the features […]

Who Pays For Lunch When Going Out With Colleagues?

Have you ever been invited out for lunch or dinner or drinks with your colleagues in the USA and wondered who pays for lunch? Should you pay your own way or should you let your colleague pay your way? Well, I have some thoughts on that I’d like to share.   If your colleague is […]

How Real is Culture Shock?

Rather than point you in the direction of academics like Bruce La Brack, David Pollock, Ruth Van Reken, Lynne Mitchell or the reputed training programs given by the Peace Corps, I will try to answer the question “Is culture shock real?” based on my own experience and reading.Everyday people leave one place to go to […]

What is it Like to Live in Another Country?

For those of us who have lived outside our native country, this basic question and its answers are taken for granted. We want to learn more about the culture, lifestyle, and other factors of the places we will move to or live in. For us global nomads, we sometimes forget that there are people who […]

How to Speak Slowly and Clearly

How Can Americans Understand My Accent? There are many people who speak English as a Second language who shy away from talking to native speakers due to a perceived unclear accent. Accents make us unique. While some of us learn how to adapt our speech to be understood in different countries or with people from […]

Use a USA Based Phone in India

Many United States based Non-Resident Indians (here after, NRIs) travel to India every year with USA based cell phone carriers. Many wonder,  “How can I use a USA based phone in India?” Step 1: Find out if your phone is GSM or CDMA Carriers T-Mobile and AT&T are GSM compatible. (Verizon and Sprint are CDMA […]

New York and Newark Pronunciation Podcast

To clear the confusion, it is not ‘Newyork’, one long word without a space between ‘New’ and ‘York’. But, it is New York. Two separate words. In the USA, if you pronounce New York as one continuous word, it can cause confusion and may be misunderstood for ‘Newark’ which is a different city. There is […]

13 Tips for Employing a Maid in India

Employing a maid and other household help in India is common. Many Non- Resident Indians (NRIs), including myself, have lived in the West where we had to do all the household chores without any help. However, when we come back to India, we realize most of the people behave as if they live in the […]

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