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January 14, 2013

2012 - Amazing Authentic Journeys Scrapbook

View a slideshow which chronicles some of the amazing people that I have met and inspiring events that I could be a part of because of Authentic Journeys. 

2012 the Authentic Journeys from Jennifer Kumar

Presentation Transcripts:

1. Our Authentic Journeys 2012 - Captured 

2. Working with Americans A Major Analytics Company in Infopark, Kochi, India

The sheer willingness to participate, act, and learn are the lessons I learnt from all of the new hires who attended the cross-cultural training. I was impressed by their insight and ability to grasp foreign concepts and role-play them in various situations.

“In the role plays, I learnt gestures, conversation starters, greetings, and how to talk to a U.S. colleague over the phone.” ~Maria 

3. Cross-Cultural Communication Corporates and College Students 

Individual and small group coaching seminars were held in IIPM, and other companies in Kochi including Global Force, Inc., and Bridge Outsourcing.

4. College Memories Jai Bharath College, Kochi, India – Goal Setting Seminar

During this training, five ladies decided to create their own SMART goal.They wrote about their upcoming entrepreneurial venture. I was impressedand inspired. Each group was able to execute the seminar beautifully.

"The sessions were interesting and helps us to evaluate ourselves.” ~Shruti Das

5. Teacher’s Training

Sree Narayana Gurukulam College Of Engineering, Kochi, India
I also learn a thing or two while conducting these training programs! The creative teachers-to-be in this seminar taught me about computers, engineering, and science by applying various teaching techniques delivered within the content of the training. 

"I learnt how to make my classes more interactive. You could grab our attention and never once did I get bored." ~Savitha 

6. American Accent & Spoken English Corporates in Kochi and Bangalore

Fine tuning and bringing out the best in your employees is what individual and small group coaching is all about. Time and again, I am impressed by the breadth and depth to which employees expand and enhance their skills to be more effective at work with Americans.

“One-on-one coaching has helped Indians serving US clients achieve results when communicating and taking initiative with Americans.” ~Annelise Piers 

7. Media Mentions

In 2012, I was published in:  Midweek, Canada, Asian Connections, Canada, 
In 2012, I was interviewed in:The Global Citizen section of the Deccan Chronicle, Kochi, India

8. Activities and Events

Met the U.S. Consul General, Onam festivities at Infopark, Guest Speaker for Nazareth College, Open Coffee and Open Coffee for Women and Monroe Community College, USA (entrepreneurial networking groups) In the Community

9. Professional Development 

I was certified in Voice and Accent by Annelise Piers of Contentment India and attended conferences hosted by the Indian Institute of Personal Management (IIPM) and the National Institute of Personal Management (NIPM).

10. Panel of Experts 

Because no woman is an island!
Each of these wonderful ladies has given me gifts beyond words in their professional guidance and personal support. Thank you! Meet Preethi, Cristina, Jennifer, Anna, Margarita, and Sufi on my new website! Expected launch date – February 2013. 
Your guidance and support is immeasurable.

11. …Credits Go To…

I send my gratitude to all the small business owners, managers atmultinational companies, professors and students at surrounding colleges, private individual clients, friends, family, and the countless others who made 2012 so memorable. I thank you from the bottom of my heart! 
~Jennifer Kumar

Wishing you health, happiness, and prosperity in 2013! 

Let us make it memorable!

Jennifer Kumar is an American expat living in Cochin, India. She runs Authentic Journeys, helping Indians (including "Kerala people") to better communicate with Americans (in English) in a corporate setting.

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