November 24, 2011

Our Experts

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Meet the Experts at Authentic Journeys:

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  • Annelise Piers
  • Cristina Canas Delgado
  • Jennifer Tam 
  • Preethi Agarwal
  • Chris Sufi 
  • Yolanda M. Owens
  • MN Krish
  • Urvashi Pande
Why Do I have a Panel of Experts?
Being self-employed, it is impossible to do everything on one's own. Harnessing and directing the talents of my friends and colleagues helps me to get new perspectives, challenge myself, fill in gaps where I need assistance and grow both personally and professionally. My friends, my team support me and help me find answers and support when I need it most, and often where I think it is least likely to be found. 

This page is under construction, and when the new website has been released, you will be able to meet and learn more about the creative, talented and inspiring team on my expert panel. Thank you.

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