August 4, 2010

Jennifer Kumar, Authentic Journeys

Jennifer Kumar in her home officeHello, I am Jennifer Kumar.  

I bring to you my experience and expertise in negotiating contracts and working with over 50 companies in India since 2011. After personally interacting with about 3,500 professionals, I have current understanding of virtual teams you work with in India and practical approaches you can take in resolving common cross-cultural misunderstandings on a day to day basis on project teams. 

I have been traveling between India and the US since the late 90s. Between the time I spent living in India while earning a Master's Degree at Madras Christian College, living in a cross cultural family while being an American expat entrepreneur in India, and the 30 trips back and forth, I have spent 10 years in India and have a knowledge of the Indian (Non-resident Indian - NRI) community in the US. 

I will work with your team in the US, India or elsewhere to identify it's specific cultural misunderstandings. Based on that, we will tailor an intervention and business solution tailored to your need. Keep in mind that we understand needs change, and can adapt to that when I or my team deliver the program, as well. 
American expat pookkalam for Onam

The benefit you will get in working with me through Authentic Journeys is that I am personally involved in every cross-cultural training business solution, even if I am not able to deliver the intervention. 

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**Above, a photo of Jennifer with her self-created American inspired flower carpet (pookkalam) she made for Onam, a harvest festival in Kerala, India

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Photos of professionals who attended strategy and training sessions facilitated through Authentic Journeys.
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Her clients represent the following companies/colleges in India: 
  1. Bridge Outsourcing/
  2. Cabot Solutions
  3. CCS Technologies
  4. Contentment India/Amba Research
  5. GD360/Airbus 
  6. Mint Biz
  7. Arbitron
  8. UST Global
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    Authentic Journeys: Bridging Culture on Virtual Teams

    We help build effective, culturally competent global teams with focus on the cultures of the USA and India. Jennifer Kumar, Managing Director, an American citizen, has almost 10 years experience living, studying and working (owning a business) in India. Authentic Journeys Consultancy is registered as a Private Limited in India (Kerala) and an LLC in the USA (Salt Lake City, Utah). We provide onsite and live-online instructor-led courses, facilitation and corporate coaching.