August 4, 2010

Jennifer Kumar, Founder and Corporate Coach, Authentic Journeys, Kochi (Cochin), Kerala, India

Jennifer Kumar has a proven track record helping Indian business executives (junior managers all the way up to CEOs) attain a clear and thorough understanding of their American and European counterparts. Cultural awareness, behavioral and language modification, and personal awareness are all part of this process. Jennifer helps her clients to bridge cultural and communications gaps without compromising their unique cultural and personal identity.

An American expat living in Kochi, and married to a man from Kerala, Jennifer strides and bridges both cultures. With her experience of earning a Master's degree in India, and being active in Malayalaee and other Indian associations in the US between 2000-2010, and living in Kerala since 2010, she has gained a keen awareness of the concerns Indians, and particularly south Indians may face, in interacting with Americans and Westerners. She has provided training to corporates and colleges alike. 

Her clients represent the following companies/colleges in India: 

  1. Bridge Outsourcing/
  2. Cabot Solutions
  3. CCS Technologies
  4. Contentment India/Amba Research
  5. GD360/Airbus 
  6. Mint Biz
  7. TCS
  8. Arbitron
  9. UST Global

In the US: 

  1. ASML Semiconductors
  2. Monroe Community College
  3. Nazareth College
  4. Rochester Institute of Technology
  5. Roberts Wesleyan

To view a synopsis of past clients, projects, outcomes and testimonials, click here.

Updated July 2013

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