American Culture and Language Blogs with High SEO

Posted On: July 18, 2020

Back in May, I posted the first blog on American culture and language blogs with high SEO. That blog has been a pretty popular blog, so I thought to create another blog on the same topic. First, I will highlight some blogs that were not highlighted in the previous post, then follow up with how the blogs in the May 2020 article are currently faring.


SEO Inventory for our blog!

Note: Some of the screen shots are adapted slightly to show the blog ranking (as typically images and videos are seen first).


American Culture and Language Blogs with high SEO  – July 2020

Keyword string: “American food timetable” 
This leads the the blog on our site: When do Americans Eat Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner?  
Hit count: 254,000
Found: July 17, 2020 
Original Posting Date: August 2012
Google Search Results for "American food timetable"



Keyword string: “meaning ping me” 
This leads the the blog on our site: Meaning of “Ping” or “Ping Me”
Hit count: 274,000
Found: July 13, 2020 
Original Posting Date: August 2015
Google Search Results -SERP Page



Keyword string: “passive voice use culture
Hit count: 1,500
Found: July 9, 2020 (On July 9, this was ranked #5, on July 17, the rank dropped to 12!! This proves how fickle and demanding SEO is.) 
Original Posting Date: August 2012
Google Search Results -SERP Page



Keyword string: “suite pronunciation” 
This leads the the blog on our site: Suite vs. Suit: Frequently Mispronounced Words
Hit count: 35,000
Found: July 13, 2020 
Original Posting Date: Dec. 2013
Google Search Results -SERP Page



SEO keyword search comparisons from May 2020 

Posts which held the same ranking for the last three months

These posts were #1 on Google Search in May 2020, and remain #1 in July 2020.

      1. Keyword string: “daylight savings will i be late or early
      2. Keyword string: american conversation starters
      3. Keyword string: how to start conversation like american (added May 13, 2020)
      4. Keyword string:idioms slangs and phrasal verbs
      5. Keyword string: how to reply american client (snippet removed) 
      6. Keyword string: “ways to ask about weekend” 
      7. Keyword string: “let’s put our head together to solve this problem” (has a snippet now, there was no snippet in May)

This ranking held it’s own at #2- what hours do people eat in the us – stayed the same at #2.

Posts which lost rank
A few blogs went down in ranking. A few lost rank probably due to a title change. Those include:

      1. Keyword string: how the word ‘ country ‘ be pronounced in English (How to Pronounce the Word Country in American English – title in May 2020). While we were #1 in May 2020, in July 2020, we dropped to #3 maybe because the title was changed to “How to Pronounce “Country” in American English – Podcast.” In order to test this theory, I will change the title back to the old title and see what happens to the rank in a few months with this keyword search string. 
      2. The biggest drop was with the keyword string “another way to say stay in the loop”  which dropped to #4 for our blog. The reason for this could also be the title change. The title in May was In the Loop: Synonyms & Phrases Meaning “Informed” – however, it was changed to Other Ways to Say “In the Loop” or “Informed.” As with the other blog where I changed the title, I’ll change the title back here to see if this increases the rank a few months from now.
      3. “How to Respond if an American Client Thanks You” dropped to second place with the same keyword term (“america reply to thanks“) as I had changed the title to Thank You Responses: Dos and Don’ts. I do not plan on chaining this title back at present. 
      4. The other blog that dropped by one rank was Dads & Grads – What & When Is It? which could be because it’s not the season for Dads and Grads as it was in May.
      5. The other few that went down in ranking seemed to be taken over by Quora posts which is pretty frustrating. I actually don’t count Quora as a #1 hit, though I am sure people browsing go into Quora being it the #1 hit than any other links following it. (The keyword strings this impacted were: how to answer how did it go and when asked how did it.go for the blog “How did it go?” – Meanings & How to Answer.”


This post increased in rank!
One blog climbed the ladder from #2 to #1 – How to Introduce Yourself to Americans – Lessons from the book Ketchup & Curry with the keyword string: how to introduce myself like USA citizen. Also, amazingly enough, now has a snippet! Here’s the screenshot!

How to introduce yourself to a US Citizen - SEO Results

I started this SEO tracking experiment in May as our blog is undergoing a massive transformation. It’s been an interesting journey so far to see how SEO is so delicate. But, at the same time, the positive thing here is if SEO can go down so easily, we can hopefully make it go back up. I’ll check back in three months from now with updates to this post! Check out our first SEO tracking post here.

We appreciate your support to our blog and our work. If you or your team is looking for cross cultural training because you work offshore with US clients or colleagues, we are here to help! Check out our portfolio or just get in touch with us today! Looking forward to being in touch.

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Photo: diggitymarketing at pixabay


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