Team Bonding at ThinkPalm During Lockdown

Posted On: May 10, 2020

Authentic Journeys has many memories working with ThinkPalm, one of the companies headquartered in Infopark. I was always excited to attend their team engagement events. I remember fondly attending a home cooking event where the entire office was broken into teams, and each team displayed home cooked food on their team table. As you go from table to table, you can taste many unique foods and donate money to the tables you liked. The money donated would go to charity. I forgot how that part was organized, but I thought it was a novel concept and one we wouldn’t see in the US because it’s rare that people would probably even be [legally] allowed to bring home cooked food into the office and share in this fashion. But, there was no such restrictions in India, everyone could cook tasty treats from their native place, bring them in, and we could all partake in a giant sadya.

Of course, this also happened in pre-pre-pre social distancing days. Such events seem a distant and fond memory as now we are all working from home in what seems like solitary confinement, and not able to see each other in the same building or the same area. Yet, the Thinkpalmites still find ways to connect and participate in fun team building activities with their colleagues!


Team ThinkPalm Doing Team Building Activities While Working From Home

Togetherness and Team Bonding at ThinkPalm During Lockdown
Stay home, stay safe team collage.


Earth Day Photo Collage
Thinkpalm team celebrates Earth Day 2020 from their respective homes during #stayathome 2020.

Thank you to ThinkPalm for all the wonderful memories and sharing your team bonding while working dispersed from home. Wish you all the success in your endeavors!!

Also on our blog, Manoj KP, Director and CEO of ThinkPalm shares 10 Tips To Work Effectively with Americans [From an Indian perspective]. 

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