May 8, 2020

Fun "At Work" During CoVid WFH Lockdown: Advenser

Though we aren't physically meeting in an office, it IS still possible to have fun "at work" when working from home (WFH). Many of the companies Authentic Journeys has worked with or knows in India are making this happen through virtual group activities. 

In this FIRST post (Wooo-hoooo), I wanted to share a few virtual team engagement activities the awesome team at Advenser are up to! 

Fun "At Work" During CoVid WFH Lockdown: Advenser

This too shall pass

This is such an amazing and inspiration message!! 
It really perked up my day. Thanks, team!
Employee Engagement during CoVid Lockdown
Hope all are doing well and holding up well during this CoVid lockdown period. Glad to see your team is still taking extra efforts to do fun things "together" even when we are not able to meet in the same building. 

Thank you, Advenser Engineering Services for allowing us to share about your team and work on our blog! See some of their MEP, Facade, Architectural, Mechanical, Steel Detailing, Precast and BIM samples

More interactions in 2019 and 2017 with Team Advenser from the Authentic Journeys' blog.

Look out for more posts where I feature companies in India and how they are socializing and doing fun things while working socially distant! Get in touch with us to let us feature you on our blog! 

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