2022: US & India Holidays

Posted On: November 13, 2016

Need for this Calendar  
This calendar will be useful for Indians and Americans working on distributed, global teams with multiple offices in India or in the US.

As India is a diverse country which celebrates different holidays in different parts of the country, this calendar mainly focuses on:

India-wide Government Holidays

Kerala Holidays

Select South Indian (Tamil, Andhra, Karnataka) Holidays

Always ask your India-based team which holidays they celebrate. Holidays are not standard across the board. Some may be floating holidays. Your company’s HR would be the best resource for this.


When you click on the holidays which are linked, you will learn more about that holiday or learn about some small talk topics related to that holiday.

Take note that those holidays highlighted in BOLD are estimated dates as these holidays are calculated more accurately as we near the astrological time period of those auspicious dates.

Follow holidays with links to learn more about that holiday. Many will outline what the holiday is, why and how it is celebrated and small talk topics in relation to the holidays. For Indian holidays, the post would detail how it is celebrated in general, and in some cases, how it is celebrated by Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) or Indian expats abroad (onsite in the US).


2022: US & India Holidays & Vacation Days


When is …..  January 2022?
1 – New Year’s Day (Learn how to wish Happy New Year in 40 languages!
Not celebrated – Guru Gobindsingh’s Birthday (Sikh) (351th birthday)
14 – Pongal (Tamil Harvest Festival)
?? – Sabarimala Makaravilakku (Kerala)
26 – Republic Day
16-17 – Tu B’Shvat, The New Year for Trees Festival (Jewish Arbor Day)
17 – Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday
18– Thaipusam  

When is …..  February 2022?
– Groundhog’s Day
– Vasant Panchami 
6 – First Sunday- Superbowl (American Football Championship)
14 – Valentine’s Day 
16 – Guru Ravidas’s Birthday (Sikh
21 – President’s Day (Third Monday) / Mid-winter break
18? – Attukal Pongala (Kerala)
19 – Shivaji Jayanti (Maharasthra) (Same day every year) 
28 – Mahashivarathri


When is ….. March 2022?
All Month – March Madness
8- Swami Dayanand Saraswati Jayanti
13 – Start of Daylight Saving Time  (Second Sunday of March)
17 – St. Patrick’s Day Observation
17-18 Holi

When is ….. April 2022?
1 – April Fool’s Day
2 – (May 1) Ramadan
8- Buddha Purnima
10- Palm Sunday/Ramanavami
14 – Baishakhi 
14 – Dr. Ambedkar Jayanti 
14 – Tamil New Year/Vishu
15 – 22 – Passover
15 – Tax Day USA/Good Friday
17 – Easter   
22 – Earth Day 
April End- School Ends in India

When is …..  May 2022
1 – May Day/Labour Day (India)

3 – Akshaya Tritiya
5 – Cinco De Mayo
8 – Mother’s Day (second Monday) / Laylat al-Baraat/Laylat al-Qadr
30 – Memorial Day  (last Monday in May)
May mid to June end- school ends USA 

When is …..  June 2022?
Throughout June – Graduation Season USA – Dads & Grads
June beginning – School Starts India 
14 – Flag Day
19 – Juneteenth
19 – Father’s Day (3rd Sunday) (What is dads and grads season?)


When is ….. July 2022?
4 – Independence Day (USA):  How to Celebrate
July mid- September – “Back to School Season” School starts USA
30- Muharram 

When is …..  August 2022?
5-6 – Tisha B’Av
7-8 – Ashura
11 – Rakhi
15 – Independence Day (India)
19 – Krishna Jayanthi / Krishna Janamasthami / Gokulashtami (all the same name for Lord Krishna’s birthday) 
31 – Ganesh Chathurthi 

When is …..  September 2022?
– Labor Day (USA) (First Monday)
8   – Onam
11 – Patriot Day (USA)
25 – 27 Rosh Hashanah 
Sept 26 – Oct 4Navarathri
When is …..  October 2022
2 – Gandhi Jayanthi 
4-5 – Yom Kippur 
– Vijaya DashamiVidhyarmbam (end of Navarathri)
9-17 – Sukkot
10 – Columbus Day / Indigenous People’s Day (2nd Monday) 
24  – Diwali / Deepawali(See this site for Diwali dates until 2040)
31 – Halloween Small Talk Tips

When is …..  November 2022?
1st Sunday 2am, End of Daylight Saving Time
Tuesday after the 1st Monday, US Election Day
1 – Kerala Day (Kerala Piravi)
6 – Karthigai Deepagam 
8- Guru Nanak’s Birthday 
11 – Veterans Day
20 – Children’s Day
24 – Thanksgiving (USA)  (4th Thursday) 
25 – Black Friday (Always the day after Thanksgiving, or the 4th Friday) 

When is …..  December 2022?
18 – 26 – Chanukah/Hanukkah 
24 – Christmas Eve
– Nabhidinam
25 – Christmas Day
26 – Jan 1 – Kwanzaa
29 – New Year’s Eve

NOTE: Not all holidays listed above are days off in India or the US. Check with your onsite or offshore colleagues to confirm which are days off of work.

Thank you for spending your time on the Authentic Journeys blog.


Jennifer Kumar is the Managing Director of Authentic Journeys, a consultancy helping Indian businesses bridge the cultural gap with their American counterparts through innovative training and consulting solutions helping you improve relationships with American clients, colleagues and stakeholders. Contact her for your business consulting needs by clicking here.
**Note: this post was originally for 2018 holidays. It’s been adapted for 2022.

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