March 31, 2015

Will I Be Late or Early if I Don't Spring Forward? - On Time Tuesdays

Recently, a good question was emailed to Authentic Journeys, "Will I early or late to work if I do not change springtime in my clock?" 

While the question's wording should be changed to, "Will I be early or late to work if I do not move my clock forward for day light savings time?", I will attempt to answer this. 

While many digital clocks and computers will automatically change the time, like in the below video demonstrating the spring forward, there are still many manual clocks and watches in circulation. For those clocks, a human must remember to change the time. If I were to forget to set the clock forward for spring forward, then I would be late to work on Monday. 

The reason: 
Normal time- 2am 
New time - 3am
Time to come to work is 9am
9 o'clock will come earlier than it usually does due to the time change, that's why we lose one hour of sleep. So, for the person that doesn't change the clock, and enters the office at 9am, it will actually be 10am for the rest of the people, and hence, entering the office at 9 without changing the clock will make that person l-a-t-e! 

I know that's confusing. And, don't think that all Americans find this easy to figure out or explain, either. In the video below, Americans are asked, "Will I be early or late to church on Sunday if I forget to change my clock for daylight saving time?" Most are perplexed and give the wrong answer! 

While people staying or living in the US feel this difference, those in India do not feel it the same way as there is no time change in India. To understand how DST and the time change impact your offshore colleagues in India, check out this post.

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