Fun Things To Do on America’s Independence Day

Posted On: July 4, 2016

Many newcomers to the US wonder what kind of fun activities there are to do to celebrate or commemorate Independence Day (July 4th). Actually, while the list is long and endless, I’d like to share a few things you can consider doing during the 4th of July holidays in the US.


Events and Fun Things to Do for Independence Day in the USA


In 2019 we visited Bryce Canyon National Park and saw the rodeo there. It’s a pretty cool experience. Thank you Bryce Canyon Rodeo for letting us share this on our blog.




Learn more about the Bryce Canyon Rodeo here and go see it! It’s a ton of fun!


I also share more ideas in this video where I talk about events I have attended in the past.



Keep in mind some cultural tips about attending some of these events:
  • Being on time is important. Even being early may also be important. Being early for an event at someone’s house (5-10 minutes before the start time) is a shorter window than being on time for parades or fireworks. Ask your host about the expectations.
  • People may like to play or watch baseball. Learn more about baseball here.
  • Football may also be played casually at some picnics or home parties. Learn more about football.

Going to the Park for the 4th of July
The outline of the video is as follows: 

  • I speak about the geography of New York State in relation to going to the park.
  • Make sure you get there really early in the day. I talk about why this is critically important, even though the fireworks could be later at night.
  • Things that Americans pack in their car to assure a good 4th of July picnic.
  • What you need to barbeque at a state park (at least in New York State).
  • Games that people bring to the park and play.
  • Cost of going to the park.
  • Do people drink on the 4th of July? I talk about this in the video.
  • What about fireworks?

Learn about 4th of July: Greetings/ Small Talk |  EventsFireworks at Pigeon Forge, Tennessee near the Smoky Mountains.

In this video, filmed in a small state park – Silver Lake State Park- I show how the tables and barbeque grills are set up and a few other tips to keep in mind while visiting a state park.

Fireworks in Rochester, New York.


In this video, filmed in Kinzua Dam State Park in Pennsylvania, I share more tips on visiting State Parks.



Have fun!


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Post updated April 2017, Updated May 2020



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