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July 4, 2016

Fun Things To Do on America's Independence Day

In the video in this post, I will share with you common things Americans like to do (activities, events, get togethers, etc.) to celebrate or commemorate Independence Day (July 4th). 

It's fun to go to classic car shows.
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Decorated Cars at Parades
cJennifer Tharp,
creative commons, flickr
Keep in mind some cultural tips about attending some of these events: 
  • Being on time is important. Even being early may also be important. Being early for an event at someone’s house (5-10 minutes before the start time) is a shorter window than being on time for parades or fireworks. Ask your host about the expectations.
  • People may like to play or watch baseball. Learn more about baseball here.
  • Football may also be played casually at some picnics or home parties. Learn more about football.
What Americans Spend their Money on for the 4th of July
From 2015, but quite relevent today.

More about Independence Day: Greetings | Dress Code |  Going to the Park

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Note: This is video #3 in the 1 video a day for 100 days challenge.

Post updated April 2017

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